Oil, gas majors lack ambition on climate change says UCS


SCIENTIFIC advocacy organization, the Union of Concerned Scientists, UCS, attends the AGMs of a number of oil and gas majors, to present difficult questions to companies such as BP Exxon Mobil and Shell.

GlobalData oil and gas writer JP Casey asks Kathy Mulvey, UCS climate accountability campaign director, if the UCS questions are getting any positive answers?

Mulvey tells GlobalData: “Climate is high on the agenda for shareholders in these major oil and gas companies, and I would say there’s growing investor impatience about the lack of ambition of oil and gas companies.

“There aren’t any companies that are ambitious enough yet. BP’s targets do not encompass the use of its products, which are about 88% of the emissions associated with it, so there is some low-hanging fruit out there in terms of emissions across the supply chain and the company should definitely look at that. But if you have a target to reduce emissions, but only operational emissions, you would be tinkering around the edges of the scope of the problem.

“For most oil and gas companies, global warming emissions from the use of their products are 80% to 90% of the total. While there are some incremental differences among the companies, all of them fall short.

“This industry has a long, well-documented history of seeking to confuse the public about climate science and block action on climate energy policy, so we’re calling on these companies to stop spreading climate disinformation, and that’s both in terms of their own direct communications, but also in terms of their participation in trade associations and other industry groups that are really active in this space.”

– Nov. 23, 2019 @ 16:25 GMT |

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