DPR Director extols NIPCO



MORDECAI Ladan, director, Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR , has commended the load out history of NIPCO Plc since the resurgence of petrol scarcity  across the country which has manifested in  increased trucking of the product across the nooks and crannies of the country .

Ladan, who disclosed this during unscheduled visit to NIPCO terminal at Apapa in Lagos, yesterday  said he was impressed with the load out and the assurances by the company’s management on hitch free product loading as supplies from Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, improves significantly.

 Received  by Suresh Kumar, company’s Chief Operating Officer, COO, in company of Lawal Taofeek, chief   corporate affairs manager, CCAM,   said the team was on tour of depots to ascertain the availability of stocks in the depots .

According to him, the current product scarcity would ease in a matter of days and that stakeholders would heave a sigh of relief very soon, stressing that since NNPC has addressed the supply side of the problem and with the corresponding support of depot operators, there is high hope of normalcy in products availability at the stations.

According to him, with supply being addressed the next line of action is to ensure that marketers don’t exploit motorist by selling above the approved product pump price of N145 per litre.

Earlier, Taofeek had informed the visiting DPR team that the company has a total stock of 17,000 MT which approximates about 23million liters courtesy of the supply of NNPC via Apapa jetty on Wednesday.

He said that since the scarcity resurfaced last week NNPC has being fair to the company through consistent supply to enable uninterrupted supply to filling stations across the country, stressing that this has led to  massive trucking  of petrol.

Lawal also appreciated the support of NNPC and its subsidiary, Nigeria Petroleum Marketing  Company, NPMC, who aside from the new consignment of 17,000 MT which the company received has given assurances of another supply within the next three days adding that this would definitely gladdens the heart of marketers across the nation .

Responding to the fears of DPR team on the adherence of N145 per liter at stations, Lawal informed that long before the scarcity NIPCO has put in place a monitoring team that pays an unscheduled visit to its stations to ensure compliance to approved selling rate for petrol.

The CCAM said that members of the media are in alliance with the company by giving useful information on any awful practices they come across in any of its stations stressing that with all modesty none of NIPCO stations have being involved in any sharp practices .

– Dec. 28, 2017 @ 5:22 GMT /

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