Ukraine welcomes US sanctions against Nord Stream-2 pipeline

Oleksiy Honcharuk

Ukraine’s leadership, on Thursday welcomed expected U.S. sanctions on the Russian-German Nord Stream-2 natural gas pipeline.

Ukraine had in a very long time protested the project as undermining existing Western economic sanctions to compel Russia to resolve a conflict in Eastern Ukraine, near the Russian border, and end its occupation of Crimea region.

According to Ukrainian Presidential Administration, Ukraine is grateful for the votes in favour of sanctions against the pipeline, a political project that undermines the energy security of Europe.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Oleksiy Honcharuk, welcomed congressional approval of the sanctions as good news.

“The sanctions should dramatically complicate the construction of the Russian pipe,’’ he said. (dpa/NAN)

– Dec. 12, 2019 @ 13:19 GMT |

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