On Joe Igbokwe’s thoughtless and unsubstantiated sweeping allegations against the Igbos

Ugochimereze Chinedu Asuzu

By Ugochimereze Chinedu Asuzu

THE unsolicited lamentation, thoughtless and provocative outbursts of late, oozing out of the bucal cavity of Joe Igbokwe in perspective, targeted at his supposed race and people, is to state the least most shocking and totally unbecoming of a supposed elder of his status.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Igbokwe is neither a security agent or intelligent officer of any known or discreet intelligence gathering agency, hence he could boisterously and unapologetically make a video where he unabashedly brought the reputation of an entire ethnic nationality in the Nigerian project to public odium, suspicion and disrepute on the issue of insecurity and threat to national cohesion.

After listening to his open ethnic profiling of the Igbo, on how meetings has been held on a planned attack on Lagos without any tangible proof but a mere hearsay, and went viral on a circulated video to announce same to the world, I became terribly appalled and very disturbed, more so concerning the psychological health of Mr Igbokwe, which I suspect could not be in the best of functional accuracy.

To think that such uncoordinated vocal diarrhea from Igbokwe has the potency of causing very serious disaffection between the Igbo and their neighbors or hosts in such places he openly said attacks are being planned by them, or even in the entire country as a whole, and to imagine this is to be by mere hearsay or unsubstantiated verbosity is the more disturbing.

Mr Igbokwe perhaps is not aware that the suspicion that the Igbos are planning an attack on locations such as Lagos and Abuja already puts the Igbos in a spotlight that is detrimental to their image, and placed them at a very disadvantaged position should anything untoward happens eventually in any of those places mentioned, he’s perhaps unmindful of the fact that the enemies of Ndigbo could capitalize on same to wreck havoc and blame it on the Igbos as alleged by their supposed brother.

Suffice it to state that Mr Igbokwe may have spoken those words without his brains, because it beats one’s imagination that such magnitude of spurious, unsubstantiated and sweeping allegations could be publicly voiced out by a supposed Igbo person against his supposed race, an ethnic nationality that is already more like a endangered species in the Nigerian project, is not only uncharitable, but senseless, reckless, utterly provocative and utterly condemnatory.

Assuming but not conceding Mr Igbokwe is privy to such serious threat to security, isn’t it his responsibility to discreetly draw the attention of the security agencies for them to nip such in the bud or better still make some arrests to forestall it or serve as deterrent mechanism, other than recourse to loquacious innuendos, gross infantilism of onye mgbata ashiri, outright playing to the gallery and making himself a tool of sensational propaganda or unsolicited vendetta predicated on gross antagonism.

Mr Igbokwe should not be taken seriously at all, as contrary to his claims, no sane Igbo man or woman will support or be happy with the insecurity, terrorism, kidnapping, banditry and their likes ravaging the country now, be it in the Northern or Southern part of the country, most painfully in the southeastern part which hitherto had been adjudged and rightly so, as the most peaceful zone of Nigeria, because we are predominantly merchants, as such seriously aversive to situations of unrest, which is detrimental to business, and naturally the Igbos are peace loving and peaceful hosts or visitors as well, hence violence could be said to be alien to us.

– May 12, 2021 @ 08:35 GMT /

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