Boko Haram Terrorists Rewarded? Why Not IPOB Too? Since They Are All Terrorists


By Peter Agba Kalu

THERE’s something funny, very funny, but seriously wrong with the Nigerian system. Virtually every social ills we are suffering today as a nation, we brought them upon ourselves. In the attempt to favour one ethnic socio religious group and suppress another, we end up planting seeds that turns around to hunt and hurt us when it germinates. And, by gradually fostering this system, Nigeria is gradually going. They won’t see it today, because it intents to favour those at leadership level who are spearheading it. But, in the long run, it’s their people, their generation, their immediate society, the very same group they intended to benefit from these one sided favouritism, that it turns around to hunt and hurt.

Now, yesterday, being Wednesday, the Nigerian Army proudly graduated/enrolled 152 Boko Haram terrorists in Gombe, whom they claimed has repent, after undergoing 12 months vocational pieces of training that would make them more useful and self-reliant.

Now, in the first place, the National Army of a nation is not a system you admit terrorists, no matter how repentant they claim to be. You put a know terrorist into a force system, where tomorrow, he might grow to be in position to control the most powerful military weapons of the nation. In a position where tomorrow, he will be in position of the nation’s greatest secrets. You don’t.

There are thousand but one other lucrative, life transforming  social empowerments you can engage them into. After the Night delta militias dropped arm and repented, no one in his right sense contemplated about making provisions for them to join the Nigerian Army. The federal government set up a rehabilitation agency to accommodate them. Send to schools in Nigeria and overseas, set up workshops and other means of social empowerments. We applaud.

Why then will the rehabilitation of world confirmed terrorist be to absorb them into a system where in the next 20 to 30 years, they will be in control of the very weapons they required to terrorise the nation. What makes you think they will not, with time, backslide from their repentance?

If the Nigerian Army are truly sincere about using their agency to rehabilitate our Nigerian bigoted  brothers, they should balance the equation and make provisions for OPC, Niger Delta and IPOB members. There are several of them, who given opportunity, to be repent and enroll in Nigerian Army, will willingly do so.

These Boko Haram terrorist being absorbed into the Nigerian Army, in time, will turn around to hunt and hurt the army and it will bring about such a divisive division that will not only undermine the army, but if not well managed will byset  the nation seriously.

When Boko Haram started and started targeting a particular areas a particular ethnic groups and religion dominates, we were crying, but those who are crying today, ignored us and indirectly lend support. Today, they have taken over some parts of Bornu, Zamfara, Adamawa, Katsina, etc to mention but few.

The nation is seriously losing grounds, losing territories, losing human forces and losing the war.  The boko wound is getting deeper and deeper everyday, eating up the system, but we prefer to massage the surface wounds in order not to make the APC and Buhari administration look bad. Ethnic genocide is going on in Kaduna, Benue, Jos, Nasarawa, Taraba etc. To the extend that the types of T.Y. Danjuma and several middle belt people that saw nothing wrong when we were crying few years back, are the ones crying today.

Absorbing terrorists into a nations military is wrong, no matter how repented they’re. Those who did this, if they think they’re taking steps to empower one section and position them to over ride the nation in few decades, are wrong. They’re rather taking steps that will ensure the disintegration of the nation called Nigeria in no distance time.

The world goes round, there’s nothing in humans affairs that’s constant, just few decades ago, the likes of T.Y. Danjuma saw their selves as one north. They risked their lives and worked seriously with that vision and purpose. Today, they don’t anymore. That will tell you that the present  core leaders of the north has lost the vision of Tafawa Bellewa and  other founding fathers of Northern Nigeria. Opportunities to unite the north are being mismanaged.

What is happening today might be to the benefits of the core Fulani nation. But, will they always be in power to use the state power to protect and subject their own supposedly brothers into obidence. What happens in the next 10 to 20 years when the Fulanis surrenders power? No matter how crafty you’re with power, you won’t rule Nigeria forever.

Reach out, accommodate, be friend, that’s a far better option than using force to suppress and take people’s land.

Am very sure that some smart, intelligent and honest Fulanis will understand my stand. Am very sure they’re very worried about what will be the place of their children in Nigeria, tomorrow, if things continue this way. You don’t surround set fire around your neighbourhood and expect to stay at peace for long.

– Apr. 5, 2019 @ 16:25 GMT |

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