Ora-Igbomina: How Oyinlola’s administration caused permanent Obaship tussle in Osun community by CHRSJ


A human rights organization, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice, CHRSJ, has uncovered how the Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s administration caused the lingering permanent Obaship crisis in the sleepy town of Ora-Igbomina in Ifedayo Local government area of Osun State after the Apex Court judgment of September 1, 1995.

Oyinlola, who was Governor of Osun State between 2003 to 2010, was fingered by the group at the centre of Obaship tussle for taking side by fraudulently including “Akesin”-Ora as Oba and wearing beaded crown monarch in the State Official Gazette of December 16, 2004 in flagrance disobedience to Supreme Court Judgment on the matter.

This illegal action of Oyinlola’s government resulted in the eruption of mayhem in the town where over 16 innocent citizens and property worth millions of naira were lost in the community in 2004.

While lamenting the death of innocent citizens during the deliberately caused mayhem in the community by Oyinlola’s government and it was against this backdrop that the rights group was planning to drag Oyinlola and his government before the International Criminal Court, ICC, for causing the avoidable death of innocent citizens of the community at the material time.

It was further alleged that Oyinlola took illegal decision on the matter in 2004, due to some certain political influences from people like Dr. Yemi Farounbi, Major Samuel Omotara (rtd), Femi Adefila, Funmilayo Olasehinde, and host of others and this political influence also continued by Senator Olusola Adeyeye in Rauf Aregbesola’s administration, forgetting that Law has no respecter of anybody.

It would be recalled that the same Oyinlola had earlier repealed the wearing of beaded Crown by “Akesin” as Contained in the OYSLN No. 2(Amended) order of 1979, through the State Official Gazette of 4th September,2003 in respect to the Supreme Court Judgment of September 1st,1995.

According to Oyinlola in 2003 State Official Gazette” It is hereby notified for public information that in exercise of the powers conferred on the Executive Council by Sub-section 1 of section 28 of the Chiefs Law, which powers have been delegated to me, and by virtue of all other powers enabling in that behalf, the wearing of beaded crown by Akesin of Ora in Ifedayo Local Government as published in the OYSLN No.22(Amended) Order of 1979 is hereby repealed with effect from 1st of September,1995. ”

So,in view of this development,Oyinlola as a Law Graduate Governor of the State then, could not claim ignorance of Supreme Court Judgment on the subject matter and the same legal action being taken in 2003 before illegal action of 2004 on the same matter.

Condemning Oyinlola’s administration then by alleging the Government of complicity in Obaship Tussle, the State main Opposition political party, the Alliance for Democracy (AD) now rulling All Progressive Congress (APC),in a statement issued and signed by its State Chairman, Alhaji Moshood Adeoti and State Secretary, Honourable Wale Afolabi.

Quoting the AD then(now APC); ” It is disheartening that in spite of Supreme Court Judgement and which was given legal backing by Prince Oyinlola’s government through the promulgation of the Osun State Official Gazette dated August 20(but 29),2003, repealing the right of one of the feuding lineage to the exalted position of Ora-Igbomina, only to turn round a year later to repudiate his action and render it nugatory.

“To us, it is highly irresponsive to take sides with one party in the dispute, simply on the basis of party affiliation of some citizens of the town without further thought of the real issues at stake.

“It is uncalled for to have issued staff of office to the two Obas under three weeks, knowing fully well that the Supreme Court Judgement has repealed the beaded crown of Akesin of Ora, which the government Gazette of August 20 ( but 29),2003 upheld.

“It is most unfortunate that the government, which ordinarily should promote welfare, well-being and peace in the society is the one promoting and encouraging crisis and lawlessness through indiscriminatory use of power from political patronage.”

Speaking on the issue through a signed statement by the CHRSJ’s Executive Chairman,Comrade Adeniyi,Alimi Sulaiman and copies were made available to newsmen on Wednesday, he declared that the purported December 16, 2004 Gazette, which gave the “Akesin” -Ora right to call himself traditional ruler and also wear beaded Crown was fraudulently enacted to satisfy selfish political interest by Oyinlola’s administration that was not known to Supreme Court Judgment on the matter.

The group described Oyinlola’s government action in controversial 2004 Gazette as unconstitutional, illegal, arbitrary, oppressive and null and void in the face of Supreme Court Judgment, adding that the death of innocent souls recorded in 2004 would have been avoided if Oyinlola stayed with the path of justice and fairness on the said matter as gazetted in 2003.

He alleged that Oyinlola has violated the sanctity of Nigerian Supreme Court which was the final of the finality in our land, insisting that the Supreme Court pronouncement on any matter is the final in our land and such pronouncement is not only final but final in its finality.

The statement stated that: “We want to say unequivocally that the Supreme Court Judgment on the subject matter is absolutely and abundantly clear without any ambiguity and implementation of the Supreme Court Judgment of September 1,1995 on the matter, is sacrosanct by the authority concern as we would not allow any person and  group of individuals to subvert the wheel of justice in our society.

“All the lower Court actions and inactions of individuals, including the purported acclaim State Official Gazette No.8 Vol. 14 of 16th December, 2004 put in place by Oyinlola’s administration, were nulity, waste of precious time and abuse of judicial process, exercise in futility and just legal tourism and also an afterthought, that is after the pronouncement of the Supreme Court Judgment because no one could build something on nothing”.

“As an organization guided by the rule of law and believer in democratic ethos and ideals, we believe that the State Governor, Alhaji Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola, will not only ensure that justice is done on this matter but would see justice to be done to this matter,” the group said.


– Feb. 5, 2020 @ 18:10 GMT |

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