Our activities not limited to seaports – shippers’ council

From left: President Airfreight Stakeholders’ Forum, Mr Toyin Onifade, and Mr Emmanuel Jime, Executive Secretary, Ngerian Shippers’ Council

THE Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) on Thursday said that its activities were not limited to the seaports.

The council said it was also interested in protection of shippers’ interests at airports.

The NSC Executive Secretary, Mr Emmanuel Jime, made this known during a courtesy visit to him by members of Airfreight Stakeholders’ Forum led by their President, Mr Toyin Onifade.

The event took place at the NSC Headquarters in Lagos.

Jime sought synergies to achieve the common goal of promoting seamless trade and creating enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

“I want to disabuse people’s thinking that our activities are limited to the seaports. This is not so, our interest is in cargo and  protection of interest of shippers.

“By shippers, this means people that work for export and import, and of course, using all modes of transportation – land, sea or air,” he said.

Jime said that, as ports’ economic regulator, NSC  would want businesses to be done seamlessly in seaports and airports in the country.

He pledged that the council would continue to support  activities of the forum.

According to him, the forum plays  important roles in issues bordering on freight and cargo at the airports.

The NSC urged proper packaging of exports to meet the demands of international markets.

Earlier, Onifade said that Nigeria’s maritime industry, if fully harnessed,  could  generate 500,000 additional employments,

“We need to work together, diversify and ensure that the country moves exports away from oil to others sectors.

“We also understand that there are standard conditions under which goods must be produced and packaged before they get to their final destinations.

“We are working earnestly to meet the minimum standards to ensure that Nigeria can be rated high.

“We cannot do it alone, we seek the support of the council,” he said.

The NSC and Airfreight Stakeholders’ Forum have jointly organised workshops and interactions for stakeholders on exports and airfreight business.(NAN)