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Agbeze Kalu Onuma

Agbeze Kalu Onuma, father of Ireke Agbeze Kalu Onuma, administrative secretary of Ndigbo Lagos, has died on April 30

AGBEZE Kalu Onuma, 85, of Ameke Abiriba passed away April 30, 2015, as a result of a protracted illness. His family were by his side when he drifted off to the great beyond. He was born to Nwannediya and Kalu Onuma of Amaukwa Ameke Abiriba, Abia State Nigeria.

He was until death a member of the Enachioken in council and also the chairman of the Abiriba Council of Elders. His greatest aspiration was to restore Abiriba and by extention the Igbo society to its former glory of being the harbinger and bastion of hope for our people and race. He was a member of various socio-cultural associations rooted in the cultures and mores of Nde Abiriba and Ndigbo.

Utu Agba Igwo, as he is famously titled, also pursued justice and fairness as his conscience led him. He was dedicated to getting the Abiriba dream and vision imprinted in the minds and psyche of all that he encountered. He never attended any formal school, but he made learning a life long pursuit and went out of his way to give educational opportunities to most of his Children and extended families.

His death is a sad loss for everyone, especially the Abiriba youths and the underprivileged of our community and society. He was a true friend to those in need and a fierce fighter for the causes that would allow them to share in the opportunities of a community that he loved. And he was a reliable source to many whom he provided personal support as well as allegiance on issues of importance. He worked together with many other progressives to help end the brutal violence that almost tore Abiriba apart, among many other shared goals. He was rigid in decisions but never in Ideas and thoughts.

Over a long life of service to the Community and larger human society he never wavered in his commitment to the principles and priorities that he believed were so important to all Abribarians. He fought for their needs, for their rights and for their equal opportunities with fierce determination. He was a real street fighter from Amaukwa, Abiriba who carried with him the ability and the willingness to stand up for his beliefs.

Utu Agba Igwo, is survived by his widows, Mercy, Ojuko, Maria and Georgina; 24 children, amongst whom is Ireke Agbeze Kalu Onuma, who is the administrative Secretary of Ndigbo Lagos, numerous grandchildren, sons and daughters in laws, his brothers and sisters.

He will be sadly missed but remembered for a long time for his many funny and happy jokes. His sharp, witty and anecdotal interventions would be hard to replace and replicate. Nde Onuma, Nde Abiriba and Ndigbo has lost a refreshing original breath of wisdom. Agbeze Kalu Onuma was a true lion who embodied the best qualities of the ‘greatest generation’ of modern Abiriba. He will be missed but his legacy will live on, providing guidance and inspiration.

Abiriba has lost one of its strongest and most accomplished leaders of modern times. Agbeze Kalu Onuma was a man of principled determination who never backed down from fighting for what he considered was right.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by the family and the Abiriba community. The funeral will be held at a date to be announced by the family and burial will follow at his hometown Abiriba thereafter.

— May 25, 2015 @ 13:10 GMT


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  1. Death, oh death papa till we meet again I will celebrate you as my friend, instructor and a disciplinary dad. I can boldly say you are a principled leader because your words and actions are still predictable even when you are not there, chief larudo. RIP.

  2. RIP Papa, a father who stood for only that which is right. Hmmmm. You will forever be remembered. We miss you dearly.

  3. What a loss! A fine and generous father in law to my elder sister Uduak Arua Onuma. A disciplinarian and a jolly good fellow. We will all miss him. May his gentle soul rest in d bosom of our Lord. Amen.

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