Peter Obi says nobody is funding his campaign now

PETER Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party

PETER Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, has said that he is funding his campaign now.

Obi told the forum organized by the Nigerian Guild of Editors, NGE, Southwest zone on Monday in Lagos that “as at today, nobody will say that I am the one funding Peter Obi; I am funding myself because of my belief in our destination”.

He explained that all the people supporting him through different means are doing so because they believe in his course.

“All those things you see that are happening everywhere are just people, who believe in our course and are doing whatever it is from their little resources and I am very encouraged and I assure them that they are doing it for the right course and I will never disappoint them,” he said.

Obi disclosed that he has never received money from people in the name of funding his campaign as alleged by some groups.

“There was a time they said that I have gotten $160bn from somewhere, but till today nobody has given me one Naira,” he said.

The hall was thrilled further when he stated that “maybe it will come, I am not saying that if it comes I won’t take it, maybe they are still keeping it somewhere and if it comes we will manage it very efficiently.”

“We are not going to give it to anybody to step down for me,” he assured.

On the allegation that N40bn was offered Rabi’u Kwankwaso of the New Nigerian Peoples Party to step down and become his running mate, the Labour Party Presidential candidate said that he never made such an offer.

“Let me say this in clear, capital terms, I have never knowingly or unknowingly offered anybody one Naira and I will not do so in order to become the president.

“I’m not saying that I am not going to spend money for my campaign. I’m not saying that I am not going to buy lunch for people, but I have never, in all my discussions with Kwankwaso offered him any money,” he stated.

While responding to the question on how to manage the huge debt that he may inherit if he emerges president, Obi explained that borrowing is part of every government in the world, however, what the government does with the money is what is important.

He stated therefore that his government will renegotiate the debt to an acceptable level so as to have a breathing space to invest and then block all the channels through which revenues are being stolen in order to get more revenues to be able to manage the debt.

“I did not say that I am not going to borrow, no, I won’t say that I won’t borrow, but I will only borrow for investment and I will explain to Nigerians the need to borrow.

“We have to borrow when it is necessary and we have to tell the people the way in and the way out. Every borrowing must be properly explained to the people because that is the job of a leader,” Obi added.