Police Boss Caught with over N2.7m Bribe Quizzed

Ibrahim Idris


THERE will be no cover-up in the case of the Assistant Commissioner of Police arrested with N2.7 million bribe cash, the Police said on Sunday, October 23.

Abayomi Shogunle, head, Compliant Response Unit, CRU, and acting assistant commissioner of Police, ACP, said the police had taken all necessary actions provided in the Police Act and Regulations on the case.

Shogunle said: “I don’t see anybody covering up this particular case because the necessary actions needed to be taken, the normal disciplinary procedure as provided under the Police Act and Regulations are being followed.”

He said the indicted officer had been issued a query and a criminal investigation had been conducted by the X-squad. The officer, he said further, had responded to the query and had faced the Force Disciplinary Committee, FDC, which had made its recommendations to Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of Police.

He said that the IG had been forwarded his recommendation to the Police Service Commission, PSC, for ratification.

“The processes needed have been done and all we are just waiting for is the recommendations of the PSC,” Shogunle said.

He said it was when the commission informed the IG on the matter that the CRU would in turn inform the public on the matter.

Shogunle said that IG had directed the unit to ensure that it discharged its responsibilities without impunity in line with its motto.

“One of the things the I-G has tasked the CRU, which is no to impunity, is that the unit should ensure that it upholds that motto,” he added.

The report on the bribery scandal is in the third quarter report of the CRU The report said the recovery of the bribe cash followed a complaint made to the CRU through a telephone call.

On alleged preferential treatment for senior officers, Shogunle said the unit had taken up all cases against all police officers irrespective of their ranks.

“Probably, we get more complaints against the junior ranks because they interact more with members of the public.

“They are the ones that are always out on the streets. So it is possible you will get more complaints against them than the senior officers.”

Shogunle assured that all complaints irrespective of the ranks of the persons would be treated based on merit, adding that the rule of law would always prevail.

—  Oct 24, 2016 @ 17:00 GMT


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