Three Persons Died in Ado-Ekiti Mayhem 



Governor Ayo Fayose
Governor Ayo Fayose

THREE persons were killed and several other persons were injured in a clash between local drivers and Hausa traders in Ado-Ekiti, capita of Ekiti State, on Wednesday, May 20. The clash paralysed traffic, commercial and social activities in the town for about eight hours. Also during the conflict, 15 shops were set ablaze while many vehicles damaged.

Sources said the property destroyed belonged mainly to butchers and Hausa traders, who had launched counter-attacks against the drivers.

It took personal intervention of Etop John James, state commissioner of Police, who led a team of policemen in 15 patrol vehicles and two units of Mobile police force to restore law and order to the troubled spots.

The clash was said to be fierce in areas, such as Atikankan (which has the highest concentration of Hausa in Ado-Ekiti), Old Garage, Ijigbo, Isato, Igbehin and Erekesan Market. Businesses were also paralysed in places, such as Irona, Okesa, Okeyinmi and Ajilosun.

The commotion provided a window of opportunity for hoodlums in the area to loot shops and cart away money and goods from several business men and women. The hoodlums were armed with guns, bottles, charms, machetes, cudgels, knives, petrol and matches.

Sources said the mayhem was caused following an allegation by a commercial driver’s wife that she was robbed and disposed of N36,000 on Sunday night, May 17. Unconfirmed reports also claimed that the driver’s wife was raped.

The culprit allegedly escaped through Sabo, which has a high concentration of Hausa community. Cases of bag snatching and robbery are said to commonplace in the area. The incident was said to have enraged the drivers, who launched a manhunt for the culprit and thus, stormed the houses of the Hausa, who also launched counter-attacks.

—  Jun 1, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT


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