2019 Elections: Pro-Biafran groups condemn warning against Igbo returning home


Pro-Biafran groups kick against Igbo returning home ahead of 2019 elections

By Emeka Ejere

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, the Biafran Independent Movement, BIM, and the Biafran Seat of Power, have condemned in strong terms a warning by a certain group of individuals purportedly of Igbo extraction resident in Kano and Abuja that no Igbo should relocate back home from any part of the North ahead of the 2019 elections.

The warning contained in some national dailies had threatened that anything to the contrary bans the defiant Igbo from returning even after the elections.

“We make bold to assert that we live in a modern world where freedom of movement, speech and association is fundamental and sacrosanct, and can never be subordinated to the dictates of any clandestine organisation, not even of a deified individual,” a joined statement by the group said.

The pro-Biafran groups are suspicious that such a “wishful order is fraught with sinister motive whereby, in event of political conflagration, our people’s lives would be used as bargains.

“While not beckoning our people to return pending elections conclusions, we would not advise against their return if such decision would guarantee their safety or neutralise any violence hitherto plotted.

“We value the sanctity of human life and would do anything to protect it in spite of threat and intimidation. We also hope that the 2019 elections be violence-free, far from the contriving of some blood merchants.

“The Bim-Massob family and by extension the Biafra Seat of Power under Chief (Ralph) Uwazuruike’s supervision has always preached and thrived on non-violence, and we would expect all 2019 stakeholders to support this unquestionable ideal.”


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