At Last, Senate Screens Amaechi



AFTER several days of anxiety and political manoeuvring, Chibuike Amaechi, former governor of Rivers State, was eventually screened by the Senate on Thursday, October 22.

Amaechi, even before being asked, told the Senate that the alleged indictment by the panel of inquiry set by the current government of Rivers State did not indict him of any wrong doing. He disclosed that he brought along the report of the inquiry to the chamber and would be willing to table same for members to go through.

When asked to define corruption, the former governor said: “If they send a girl to you to do something for her and you sleep with the girl, you are corrupt. Corruption is hard to define.” Besides, he denied being a corrupt person. “I have never taken bribe in my life.”

He also spoke on creation of jobs for the Nigerian youths through agriculture, mining and technology. Amaechi said: “Why people don’t invest in Nigeria is because the cost of investment is higher than the profit… We must improve on the social rights of the people; if you have peace you’ll have investors.”

Amaechi spent 50 minutes at the Senate before he was allowed to leave.

After Ameachi was Heineken Lokpobiri, a former senator from Bayelsa State. Before Lokpobiri was asked to take a bow and leave, he advised the Senate to focus on providing a good allocation for the water sector in Nigeria. According to him, there are many rivers around but the water is not drinkable. He said: ‘I wrote on Environmental Rights as a scholar because our rights do not make provision for environmental rights.”

Claudius Daramola, a professor of education, from Ondo State, said there was need for a turnaround in the Nigerian education system. “We have systemic problems in our educational sector.”

— Oct 22, 2015 @ 15:35 GMT


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