Demolished Building: Ghana community accuses Nigerian High Commission of trespassing

Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI

THE Osu Community in Ghana has accused the Nigerian High Commission in Accra Ghana of trespassing on a parcel of land belonging to the community. Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI, head of the Osu Traditional Area and the Chairman of the National House of Chiefs, said the report claiming that armed men had demolished structure belonging to the Nigerian High Commission was wrong and had no justification.

In a statement made available to Realnews on Sunday, June 21, Dowuona VI noted that the said parcel of land belongs to the Osu stool and is to be used for purposes only agreed upon by the stool and its council of elders.

“Sometime last year the stool noted that the original building on the parcel of land had been demolished and, in its place, a new structure was being erected.  The stool was informed that the structure was being erected by a Nigerian business person, who aided by the high office of the Nigerian High Commission, was forcibly trying to take over the said parcel of land.

“The stool is also informed that the structure is planned entertainment complex to be used as an events center for commercial purposes and is not a block of flats as has been purported.  The stool has a high level of respect for foreign missions and has therefore on several occasions verbally informed the unidentified trespasser of the ownership status of the land through the security personnel resident on the parcel of land.

“The stool has subsequently sent messages inviting the trespasser for a discussion on the ownership of the land. There has till date been no response or acknowledgment in response to the stool’s invitation nor has the trespasser proceeded to submit any documentation of permission upon which it demolished the original structure on the land and proceeded to erect a new structure.

“The trespasser has openly and with impunity disrespected the Osu stool by its attendant behavior. Authorities including officials from the Lands Commission, the Cantonments Police and Police Headquarters have invited the trespassers to produce documentation for the parcel of land. The intention of the trespasser is to forcibly take over land under the cover of diplomatic mission from the stool land without redress and without the permission of the traditional authority and its council of elders,” he said.

The Ghanaian chief noted that his community is aware that the trespasser till date does not hold in its possession any documentation on the parcel of land and that the Osu Stool remains the owner of the said parcel of land and wishes to notify the general public that all other intended users of the property must first seek the permission of the stool.

“The stool informs the general public that there has never been a purchase of any parcel of land from it by the foreign office of the Nigerian High Commission. The Lands Commission has confirmed that the High Commission did not purchase the parcel of land from them.

“This is the second attempt to forcibly take over land that belongs to the stool under the offices by unknown persons, who acting under the political influence of the Nigerian High Commission. The stool wishes to inform all future trespassers who hide behind foreign offices and political influence to desist from doing so.

“We entreat the media to be extremely cautious in their reportage and not to relay any message relating to this issue without due confirmation on the ownership of stool lands and with permission from the necessary authorities.”

– Jun. 22, 2020 @ 12:45 GMT |

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