Jonathan Apologises for Mistakes

Goodluck Jonathan


At the last Thanksgiving service held for President Goodluck Jonathan and his family at Villa Chapel, the president asks for forgiveness from those he must wronged during his tenure

PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday, May 17, appealed for forgiveness from Nigerians he might have offended in the course of discharging his duties.

President Jonathan who was speaking at the last Thanksgiving Service by the management of the Villa Chapel for his family, assured his audience himself and members of the family did not go out of their ways to offend anyone deliberately.

“For the eight years that one has been here, no one has been perfect. We have certainly done things in a way that probably we wouldn’t have done, but we didn’t do them deliberately.

“For those we have offended, it was not deliberate, but due to circumstances of the office. So we also plead that those people should forgive, as we think we did our best,” he said.

The president expressed gratitude to those who had been with him and his family through thick and thin. He told them though he was leaving the corridors of power, their doors were still wide open and hoped to still enjoy more cordial relationships, devoid of officialdom.

The President told the well-attended service on the need for individuals to strive to leave a lasting legacy, saying: “Before one leaves, it is always good to leave a legacy.”

In a speech laced with emotions, Jonathan assured his audience that he was not in politics for money. He said: “Neither Aliko Dangote nor Bill Gates has ever been in government, so you don’t need to be in government to be rich. It is for us to be committed and continue to be focused.”

Highlights of the occasion were parting prayers for the first family and presentations of gifts to the family by the management of the Chapel. Chinedu Nebo, minister of Power and a venerable in the Anglican Church prayed for the president, while Jerry Gana, a former minister of Information, offered prayers for his wife.

— May 18, 2015 @ 12:30 GMT


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