June 12: Group advocates improved standard of living for masses

Democracy Day

THE Campaign for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (CCHR), an NGO, on Friday called on the Federal Government to rededicate democracy to uplift and improve the standard of living of the electorate and the common man.

The Executive Secretary of CCHR, Prince Toyin Raheem, said in a statement in Lagos that the importance of democracy was to cheer people up.

According to him, the reverse has been the case and June 12, calls for a sober reflection.

“Up till today, unemployment is on the rise, workers have nothing to take home, and banditry is the order of the day, qualitative education is gone and no access to health care services for the common man.

“Infringement of people’s fundamental rights is on the increase, propaganda is what we have as governance.

“Our wealth is concentrated in the hands of few oppressors while the rest of us struggle to survive.

“Nigerians are still being oppressed, maimed, exploited, dehumanised, killed, and rendered homeless.

“The masses are hungry and angry and there is insecurity like never before,” he said.

He said it was necessary that all Nigerians had access to basic necessities of life with ease and should have the right to vote and be voted for.

Raheem urged people to ensure that leaders who truly had their interest at hearts were elected into positions and should do away with money politics as it was the bane of true democracy.

The scribe urged the citizens to shun electoral violence and rigging as well as reject any candidate imposed to them by any party or a dictator.

Raheem condemned political parties that asked people to pay high prices for nomination forms while urging people to reject such especially when it was not in consonance with their political rights and were priced beyond their reach.

He further urged the governments to carry the people along and ensure that they came first in all decisions taken. (NAN)

– Jun. 12, 2020 @ 16:59 GMT |

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