Security Agencies Have failed Non-Fulani Nigerians – Yoruba Summit Group


The Yoruba Summit Groups says security agencies as presently constituted lopsidedly have failed the non-fulani peoples of Nigeria

The Yoruba Summit Group, the body for all Yoruba groups, has enjoined the six core Yoruba States to fortify their land against the invasion of their fatherland my the Fulanis
A communique issued on Saturday, May 25, at the end of the meeting of the Yoruba Summit Group stated that the Yoruba collectively acknowledge the statement made by  former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the existential threat to others by the clear and present danger of the well documented acts of those hell bent on dominating the rest.
It thank Obasanjo for “confirming what all non-fulani peoples of Nigeria already know as the Yoruba, have all along recognized the attempt through all means – land grabbing, kidnapping, killing of famers, raping of our women, burning of our villages, damage to our farms and displacement of our people to which we have hundreds of evidences as a step towards full Fulanisation and genocide.”
The group expressed support for President Obasanjo and others who have come to this reality.
According to the communique, all Yorùbá men and women as they occur in the core six states and in two other states of Kwara and Kogi, naturally, should begin the serious effort of defending themselves against the very clear intent of genocide, deprivation, arson, killings, kidnappings with every means available to them.
“This is a call to all, irrespective of the established methods of seeking redress. The act of self defense is safely international. Everyone has a right to protect himself against threats to life and property.
“The Yoruba Summit Group owes it a duty to protect the 50 million strong Yoruba within the Yoruba space, and by this communique, every Yoruba is reminded of his right to life, of his right to property, of his right to defend himself with the Yoruba central authority, the Yoruba Summit Group, in full endorsement of these rights available to every Yoruba, calls  now upon every Yoruba not to live in fear anymore.
“As it is the security agencies as presently constituted lopsidedly have failed the non-fulani peoples of Nigeria, therefore this legitimate call is hereby sanctioned by the Yoruba central authority.
“That the Yoruba people collectively will hold on strongly and steadfastly to these resolves in as much as our collectively survival rests on us and on no one else; the leaders, elders and the generality of our people, for the common cause to confront all challenges of insecurity including genocide.
That those not in support of these resolves shall be considered traitors to the cause and will be treated as such.”

The communique which was signed on behalf of the group by

Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo stated that “the Yoruba are sending a clear message to  President Mohammadu Buhari to take it upon himself to immediately de -escalate forthwith on the obvious preferences given to the Fulani group.
“He will need to stop paying, Pandering, pampering to the Fulani as we note the establishment of an exclusive Fulani radio station, the rumored payment of a N100 billion incentive to more criminality, to Miyetti Allah and the enforcement of the Fulani sense of ownership to the land of the indigenous peoples of Nigeria.
“And for the president to know he is creating for himself a legacy, to which his name will become the reference point in history as to the entity that has allowed for the situation to which Nigeria may be on the way to Sudan and Rwanda.
“The president also needs to know that if it is not his intention for a legacy of this sort, now is the time to reverse his actions that have led to this present state.
“Let the president know that the Yoruba do not want war, but we will definitely defend ourselves should these instances of unprovoked attacks by the Fulani continue.
“The Fulani cannot subjugate the rest of the peoples of Nigeria, rather, the reverse will be the case to the detriment of the innocent fulani!”
Those who attended the the Yoruba Summit Group meeting are Ayo Adebanjo, Supo Sonibare, Senator Femi Okurounmu,  Tokunbo Awolowo-Dosunmu, Yinka Odumakin and Bashorun Akin Osuntokun.
Also present at the meeting are Professor Banji Akintoye, Akingba, Eric Oluwole, Evangelist Kunle Adesokan, Olaitan, Arc. George Akinola, Demola Folarin, Tunde Odanye, Alagba Jimoh Aliu, Bola Doherty, Bode George, Akin Àjọṣe-Adeogun,  and Deji  Osibogun.
The others are Tokunbo Ajasin, the representative of the 15th Ààrẹ Ọ̀nà Kakaǹfò of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, among others.
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