UAS vows to Step up Fight against Corruption, Terrorism, Security, in Africa



THE United African States, UAS, on Wednesday vowed to step up fight against corruption, terrorism, insecurity, and unemployment in Africa.

The UAS, which comprises 55 countries, is a Sovereign body, which is focused on bringing all African people, countries and government, under a unified entity known as the United Africa States.

The project has been the vision of some African leaders from the past to present.

Prof. Brimmy Olaghere, executive president of UAS,  at the official launch of UAS on Wednesday in Abuja, said, fighting corruption is a shared responsibility that requires cooperation of all stakeholders .

Olaghere  said the AUS was set up through a resolution adopted by Heads of African States at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Jan. 31, 2010, in furtherance of economic integration and independence of African nations.

According to him, the launch of the UAS marks a new era for Africa responsibilities, towards tackling development issues and promote peaceful co-existence.

“We note with concern, the immense threats to peace and security as a result of upsurge of terrorism, violent extremism in Africa.

“We need to show continued commitment to  find solutions to problems plaguing the continent.

“The federated UAS has equal privilege and rights to claim the affairs of the world, but we must learn how to use what we have to get what we need and want for ourselves.“

“African nations have access to industries but not much has been done in the past to re-position the continent to tackle issues that border on economic development.

“UAS will re-position Nigeria and Africa at large, create and distribute wealth among their citizens.

“We want to reduce unemployment in Nigeria; stop killings of innocent people, promote peaceful co-existence and to come with a ten years infrastructural development master plan,” Olaghere said.

He also said that UAS would reduce illiteracy and provide opportunity for young people to acquire skill acquisition without charges.

“More importantly, we want to end illiteracy therefore we have established a programme content that will be self financing, for free Primary, Secondary and University education,” he added.

He revealed that the choice of Nigeria as preferred capital of the UAS was based on the treaty that was signed by 51 African nations n June 3, 1993 in Abuja. – NAN


– Jan.  31, 2018 @ 18:07 GMT


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