PPPRA assures of fuel supply during Yuletide season


THE Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, PPPRA, has assured Nigerians of the availability of petroleum products throughout the yuletide period. Abdulkadir Saidu, executive secretary, PPPRA, warned marketers against unwholesome practices that could cause Nigerians untold hardship during the period and beyond.

Saidu, who gave the assurance in Abuja, said average petrol inland stock between 23rd and 29th November 2019 stood at 1,145,365,386 litres, while marine stock was 1,542,779,814 litres with the total stock standing at 2,688,145,200 litres. “Therefore, inland days sufficiency is 20 days, marine days sufficiency is 27 days, while total days sufficiency stands at 47 days,” he said.

According to Saidu, it is also good news for users of diesel as the country has a total of 593,989,071 litres of automotive gas oil, AGO, or diesel with an Inland days sufficiency of 29.56 days and a marine days sufficiency of 12.88 days. Total days sufficiency stands at 42.44 days. He said Nigeria has over six days sufficiency with a total of 8,119,629 litres of household kerosene for domestic use.

The PPPRA boss, while assuring motorists of availability of petrol and diesel, also said Nigeria has more than 65 days sufficiency of Aviation Turbine Kerosene, ATK. He explained that data available reveals that the country has 94,744,314 inland stock and 59,186,300 marine stock of ATK which translates to 40 days of inland days sufficiency and 25 days of marine days sufficiency.

The PPPRA warned marketers to operate within the ambits of the rules that guide downstream operations. The PPPRA boss also said that the government would not increase the price of petrol, therefore there would be no need for hoarding of products by marketers or panic-buying by consumers.

– Dec. 6, 2019 @ 17:25 GMT |

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