Realnews in the Eyes of Others

Teddy Iwere


Realnews celebrates its third anniversary on November 19, 2015.  Below is what Nigerians think of the online publication which focuses on business and economy, oil and gas, politics environment, women and children. Excerpts

Teddy Iwere, MD, Daily Independent – Realnews magazine is a worthy enterprise, and they are doing very well. We review their news bulletin in our organisation regularly and consistently. I think they should keep it running. It is an online platform away from print and that is a new direction to go with all the difficulties in the operating environment. I think it’s a good project and you people have been running for years now, and I think keeping it going is quite an achievement. So, I wish Realnews magazine the best in years ahead and the very best of luck.

Chukwudi Bombila

Chukwudi Bombila, film maker, entertainer, showbiz entertainmentRealnews magazine is the real news, just like the name says. I was there last year when they marked their second anniversary in Sheraton Hotel, and the lecture was good. It was a wonderful time out, redefining journalism, that’s all it stands for. And today, we are opportune to have this wonderful lecture by Prof. Chukwudi Soludo giving us the direction about what to expect in the economy, and in his words he said one thing Nigerians must do is to ensure that this government of APC does not fail, hence we don’t have any option. So he gave a detailed breakdown of the Nigerian economy over time, the mistakes we have made, and what to do to make it better, and the position of how we suppose to help the government, and it’s a wonderful thing, we are all part of the system and we must always identify with issues unraveling in the system because what goes around comes around, and Realnews is equally part of the system, and they are providing this platform for us to come and have such an intellective balance of knowledge to help us, so that when we talk we can talk from a point of understanding, not just opening our mouth because we want to talk. So I think Realnews has done wonderfully well, I know what it takes to assemble such men, I know what it means to invite people like us to come and share in their knowledge. Realnews gives you the news the way it is, I saw a book on Paragon of Journalism, I will try and subscribe it and read it so that possibly if we come back for next year I will have questions to ask.

Simon Ibe

Simon Ibe, publisher, Global Patriot Newspaper – I am a colleague of our dear sister Maureen, and she is doing well, three years is not three days, and she has shown capacity to fit in there and we are wishing that she would prove to be a long distance runner. The content is great, she is showing that she was groomed in the original Newswatch tradition of investigative journalism, and we hope she sustains that fire of fearless journalism.

Joe Anichebe

Joe Anichebe, director, Bureau of Public Enterprise, BPE, Realnews magazine, we have been collaborating with them ever since inception and they have proven us right that we must continue to collaborate and they have been fearless in their reportage. They have been very independent and that is what we are looking for in a media partner and we hope they continue in the way they are going as she’s been a pillar, as she’s been working with us, as she’s been a supporter, so we have to support each other.

Thomas Adeogun

Thomas Adeogun, Pharmacist – For the news I’ve read on Realnews it’s been very good, very concise, and very direct, it comes online so it makes it live and good.

Tope Musowo

Tope Musowo, journalist, Blueprint Newspaper – Not much was known to me about Realnews magazine until today. But then with the little I gathered are power, starting with the guest lecturer, I want to believe that the organization is doing wonderfully well, and that has actually given me more insight as to go and research and get to know about Realnews. For instance, the lecture was said to be on the website that we should go there and download it, and that will give me an opportunity to probably go and research do more to know more about Realnews magazine. It was a fantastic programme, we actually came for another programme, but we stumbled on it  and we just found ourselves sticking to it; we couldn’t go out to the other programme that we came for. We enjoyed it. Infact,  it was a wonderful programme, and infact it has increased our wealth of experience, and we are putting a wonderful story together for her, as far as am concerned in my publication I’m already putting my story together it will be a wonderful story I’m doing for Realnews magazine.

Victoria Ibanga

Victoria Ibanga, general secretary, Nigeria Guild of Editor – I think Realnews magazine has come a long way and we wish her the very best. Whenever I get my mail when it is sent into my box, I can’t stop until I have finished everything, it’s so well written, it comes in a wonderful package, and very interesting angles that you can’t stop reading until you get to the end. To me it is the best online.

Alexandra Ikemena

Alexander Ikemena, member, Editorial Board, Business World Newspaper – Maureen Chigbo has been my friend for the past three years or there about and I have been following what she has been doing. She is very good at what she is doing and she is a professional. She is well trained for it and she is making waves. She is covering a lot mileage and she has a long way to go. I read the Realnews online regularly and I’m well informed by it. You know, we are in the same profession, without prejudices I can read what is good and what is not good, and I keep reading it because I am educated and have acquired a lot of things and in this industry it is cross fertilization of ideas, so we borrow ideas from one another. Realnews has really supplied a lot of information.

Liman Balarabe

Liman Balarabe, Debt Management Office, Abuja – I like Realnews magazine, they are our partners, we relate very well and I think it represents the new perspective of online journalism that all Nigerians are looking forward to, and this event  confers  ‘As’ on  Realnews magazine. The content is good. It shows professionalism in what they write and the choice of story, it’s alright.

Prof. Ezigbo

Prof. Ezigbo, MD, Falcon Corporation Limited – Initially when I heard of Realnews magazine at the beginning, I thought it was one of those things that will come and go.  But Realnews have come to show that it has got strength. It has got character and has that push that is fearless, that fearless push for truth even no matter how it hurts, and all I can say is that I wish Realnews more grease to her elbow. Keep pushing, keep being fearless and the reward will be theirs. In the content, if it is only push and forcefulness without content, it won’t make any sense. I think they have got the combination of all in the content and that is why it is really something to emulate.

Chimezie Nwamah

Chimezie Nwamah, managing partner, Molten and Gross Commercial Solicitors – Realnewse is a wonderful and fantastic magazine. I wouldn’t say perfect because it’s still approaching perfection. They’ve done a very good job being online for about three years is not easy in this economy, and they have kept their news fresh and strong, you don’t doubt the news, you don’t need to go too far for other clarification or any other analysis or there about. So they’ve tried they have done a very good job.

Compiled by Adaku Onyenaucheya 

— Nov 30, 2015 @ 01:00 GMT