Realnews in the Eyes of Others #Realnews2020Lecture

Mustapha Isah

Realnews celebrated its eighth anniversary on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Below is what Nigerians and readers of Realnews, who attended the event think of the online publication, which thrives on business and economy, oil and gas, politics, environment, women, and children. Excerpts:

Mustapha Isah, President, Nigerian Guild of Editors, NGE – There are several online publications today, the Guild does not just admit everybody and we know those who are creditable. We know those behind every online publication, for the fact that the publisher of Realnews, Maureen Chigbo is a member of the Guild, tells you that the Guild takes her to be credible and her medium to be credible. If she was not credible, I would not have been here. But for the fact that I’m proud of what she is doing and as the president of the Guild, I have to come here today to commend her. And every day I receive her publications and I never had a course to say this story has k-leg or tomorrow she will write a rejoinder. That means she verifies her reports before publishing and that is the hallmark of journalism because once you lose that credibility and leadership, you will lose your readers. My prayer is for her to continue on this path. Realnews is real and what they publish is real. I’m happy with her as a friend and she is a worthy ambassador of the Guild. So let her keep the flag flying.

Bashorun J.K. Randle
Bashorun J.K. Randle

J.K Randle, former chairman, KPMG Nigeria, and Africa – Realnews has become a national treasure and an institution to be cherished, so more grease to your elbow. I wish Maureen and her team even greater success, especially in this difficult time.

Femi Dagunro

Femi Dagunro, former President, Nigerian-German Business Group – Realnews has been in the frontline of organizing well-attended and thought-provoking lectures. And for a magazine to sustain itself and readership for eight years, you must commend the people behind the magazine. It is not an easy thing sustaining a magazine or newspaper anywhere in the world and this has been the backbone for investigative journalism in Realnews. I will encourage Maureen Chigbo, the publisher and the editor-in-chief to continue to do more investigative journalism because we need investigative journalism to cover all aspects of our economic sector in this country, and with that, I think, the sky is still there for us to reach.

Geoffrey Njoku

Geoffrey Njoku, UNICEF – Realnews has done phenomenally well. I have known Maureen for a couple of years, we worked together and I just keep asking her where she is drawing her strength to do all these things from and she kept on saying “it is God ooo” as usual with Nigerians. I have asked her, how do you manage to bring all these people together? What I know is that she has done extremely well and Realnews is doing extremely well within the Nigerian context. We just wish you guys the best.

Ray Echebiri

Ray Echebiri, chief executive officer, Centre for Financial Journalism – I know that Realnews is making waves, it has done very well and I know it is going to do even better. It has got a very good leader and leadership is very important in anything. Maureen is good. She is solid and she has some very capable hands. What it means is that Realnews will go places and I wish you, people, all the best.

Lanre Alabi

Lanre Alabi, Rospacks College and Marketing Communications – Realnews has been a very good strategic and focused online medium. It’s been on for so many years and has been setting the pace for others, in fact consistently. Realnews has held its annual lecture, which most people have not been able to do. And consistently, quality people have delivered the lectures on a yearly basis. It shows the standard and recognition of the publisher. She a veteran, we used to be colleagues at News Watch, she’s very good and reports very well and also straight forward in her reporting. People like her and there’s no news, where ever it is that she won’t be able to get, all through the time I’ve known her, she has been able to get exclusive news and she doesn’t pander to people’s wills, she’s always going for the news behind the news. So I think Realnews has proved itself as a very good online medium.

– Nov. 20, 2020 @ 18:19 GMT |

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