Realnews staff celebrate, resolve to achieve more in 2021

Maureen Chigbo, publisher/Editor in green dress with some staff Dora John, office assistant (L); ‘Emeka Ugbogu, general editor; Chika Ejenike, intern; Ben Prince Ezeh, reporter/researcher; and Gerald Chigbo, admin and operations, during the end of year Staff Party

IT was cheers and thanks galore at the end of year staff party as the management and staff of Realnews Magazine Online expressed gratitude to God Almighty for His blessings, protection and provisions all through the year 2020.

Maureen Chigbo, publisher/editor, along with the staff were most thankful for having stayed focused, to survive the tumultuous and most excruciating year 2020.

Notably, year 2020 heralded the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic with its epic devastating consequences; leading to social upheavals, disequilibrium and with attendant colossal loses in financial fortunes amongst others.


As the year winds to a close, there is a setting in of an unpredictable future or what is termed the “new now” under which visible groans of pain are loudly being heard from governments, individuals, organisations and groups at various state, national global levels.

Despite these challenges posted in the year, Realnews magazine has continued to be a trail-blazer in news gathering and dissemination.

The board, management and staff have astutely continued to strive towards realization of Realnews’ corporate mission to deliver relevant information and news that is objective, balanced, ethically, morally and professionally valued.

Chigbo welcomed all present and showered appreciation to the staffers for assiduously working hard and smart all through the year “to ensure the medium remains a primus inter pares amongst competing online media publications.”


The Realnews management and staff resolved to work in greater unity, harmony and diligence to achieve greater performances come year 2021.