Reducing Gas Flaring in Nigeria

Gas flaring in Nigeria
Gas flaring in Nigeria

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation steps up gas-to-power supply to stabilise electricity and also reduce gas flaring in the country

|  By Maureen Chigbo  |  Dec. 2, 2012 @ 12:11 GMT

THE Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, has exceeded its target for gas-to-power aspirations. “We are in surplus of gas availability to power in line with the federal government’s power initiative,” Andrew Yakubu, group managing director of the NNPC, said in Abuja, last week. The NNPC management strategic focus is to ensure that between 70 to 80 percent of gas produced in the country is channeled to power generation to achieve the robust ambition of stabilising electricity supply to Nigerians and industries operating in the country.

“One of the strategic focus, we had when we came on board, was to ensure that gas availability to power was met and I am glad to tell you that as at today,  we have met the target,” Yakubu said.  The NNPC, according to the group managing director, would consolidate on gas-to-power in order to boost economic activities in the country, adding that already, there is an aggressive commercial framework to support the strategic focus. The NNPC has made a lot of investments to ensure gas flare down. As at today, gas flare down in the country has reduced to about 15 percent. Yakubu said the export initiatives on gas have been stepped up and that plans are under way to achieve a zero flare down in the country.

Apart from gas, the NNPC is also taking steps to grow the nation’s crude oil reserves to 40 billion barrels and the daily crude oil production to 4 million barrels by 2020. This, he said would ensure that a solid platform is laid for the rapid economic growth and development of the country.

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