Stop running to Prayer Centres for Quick-Fix to Solutions to Problems – Cleric urges


CHRISTIAN Okafor, a catholic priest has admonished Christians to stop running from one prayer house to another in search of solutions to challenges.

Okafor, a chaplain, Amawbia Deanery, Catholic Women Organisation, CWO, gave the advice at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia, during 2019 August meeting flag-off, organised by the deanery.

He called on Christians to be watchful of antics of the wicked, which could be marked by satan with counterfeit miracles, deception of those that were doomed for destruction.

The cleric cautioned those associating with one Chilaka, formerly known as ‘Little Jesus’ to desist from identifying with him as such could be at their own risk.

Okafor emphasised that Chilaka, who hailed from Mbaise in Imo had falsely claimed that he was a catholic priest, where as he was an impostor, who had never undergone formal priesthood training.

The chaplain said that he was aware of the prevailing economic hardship in the country, pointing out that it should not be a justification for weakness in having faith in God.

He enjoined the faithful to remain obedient to the church and obey constituted authority, reminding them that the church would never misdirect, but rather lead them to God.

Nneka Olikeze, chairman of the occasion, said the forum was to thank mothers for their commitment in the church, soliciting for continued support, especially during the August meeting.

Olikeze noted that women were pillars of the church with assigned roles of taking care of priests, carrying out food apostolate for seminarians, prison visitations, bishop Christmas and keeping the church clean.

She urged them to keep faith as no good work would go unrewarded.

Sylvanus Enekwechi, CWO Patron, St. Felix, Nise, said that God entrusted many responsibilities to mothers in their families, church and society at large.

Enekwechi said that he was proud of CWO Amawbia Deanery as they never lagged behind in the diocese, urging them to sustain the pace.

Earlier, Tina Obiechina, organiser, CWO Amawbia Deanery, described mothers as mirrors to the family and society.

Obiechina urged those that disobey church injunctions to turn a new leaf as the church would not deceive them.

She cautioned deanery members not to be part of those running from one crusade ground to the other especially as it concerned Chilaka, who the Catholic Church nationwide had disclaimed.

While urging members to brace under the prevailing challenges, she praised all that graced the occasion, enjoining God to replenish their pockets.

The event featured women fashion competition, known as `Lolo and Singing’ among 12 parishes that make up Amawbia Deanery.

In the Lolo competition, St. Joseph Church, Maryland, Amawbia, was placed first, St.Theresa, Nibo, emerged as runners up, while St. Joseph, Nibo, was placed third.

In the singing competition, St. Dominic, Mbaukwu placed first with 70.7 per cent; St. Felix, Nise, second with 55.7 per cent and St. Theresa, Nibo, third with 46.7 per cent.

– July 8, 2019 @ 19:19 GMT |

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