Twelve Years in the Lord’s Vineyard

Members of the high table

Egalitarian Bible Society, Isolo, Lagos, celebrates its twelfth anniversary but William Eyefia, its president, says it is not yet Uhuru, because people are yet to fully know the import of the Society’s dreams, vision and mission

By Anayo Ezugwu  |  Aug. 11, 2014 @ 01:00 GMT

IT WAS time for stocktaking and celebration for Egalitarian Biblical Society, Isolo, Lagos, which celebrated its 12th anniversary on July 19. William Eyefia, its president, said the anniversary had afforded the society an opportunity to reflect on its activities. He regretted that the celebration took place in July rather than in January.

“Once again, we are here gathered for the purpose of victory celebration. This is the twelfth outing but just like yesterday, our people are yet to know the import of our dream, vision, mission, commission and ministry. I am very sorry to say this but it is the truth. I am not prepared for this occasion but it has to take place. This is a programme scheduled for January, 2014. The vision for the next programme for January, 2015 is already hanging on my neck; I do not rest. I am convinced and I am persuaded that with God on our side, our persistent commitment will take us to the heavenly portals in due season,” he said.

Cyriacus Uwanaka, rector, Restoration Bible College and Seminary, Lagos, who presented the keynote address, congratulated the society for its vision and continuous work in the vineyard of God. He advised the society not to relent in its good work that has given it victory in the past 12 years. Speaking during the delivery of his speech titled ‘The Role of a Teacher in Conflict Management,’ Uwanaka said the subject of discourse stemmed from the understanding that conflict of varying degrees and between different segments of human existence from religion, politics, economics, social and academics has become a perennial partner with humanity. He said conflict also exists between people of different classes, age, gender and profession.


According to Uwanaka, conflicts burst out between people because of land boundaries, sharing of properties, positions, trampled rights, delay in settlement of promises or inability to keep to agreements, uncomplimentary remarks or belittling statement or action toward someone or group of people.  He noted that inadequate communication skills, misinterpretation of gestures, expressions and membership of an organisation, wrong imaginations or assumptions among others can cause conflict between people or nation though it might not have been intended.

He said that the spread of conflict all over the world ranging from Nigeria, Somalia, Congo, Kenya, Pakistan, Iran among others have prompted many countries to establish institutions to  handle the teaching of conflict management. “Today we hear of Institute of Conflict Management, Crises Control Studies, Security and Conflict Management Association, among others. This brings us back to the topic of this paper, ‘The Role of a Teacher in Conflict Management.’

“The teacher is to design and develop a broad based curricular that should include subjects, policies and ethics which could lead to successful resolution and or management of conflicts. The teacher is also to teach or instruct on the developed courses to reduce causalities, damages and mistrust inherent from both sides in dealing with conflict situations.

“I wish to posit here that people should know that we are different and understand things differently as such; communications should be relayed with clear and understandable words, designs and pictures if possible. If we don’t control what we say, what we did not say could be added and such might brew until conflict results. It is one thing for the teachers to teach conflict resolution and management strategies and another thing to make conflict management agent to apply the knowledge he or she acquired to resolve the issues,” he said.

Egalitarian biblical society is an evangelical society which is into helping the less-privileged in the society. It also assists some orphanage homes like the SOS Orphanage Home, Isolo, Lagos, by providing for its upkeep.


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  1. Beloved, I must appreciate your effort here. I am sorry that it took me this long to find this page. I am informing you that we are presently gathering information for our next VICTORY CELEBRATION which could come up on schedule all things being equal. The Keynote address will dwell on THE PLACE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN BUILDING RELATIONSHIP. Please keep us in mind. God bless you.

    Meanwhile, please note that the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Isolo Chapter is engaged in ensuring that the land and peoplee of Isolo enjoys TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. With effect from Monday, 15th September, 2014, for threee days running, the details of this exploit would be unveiled to the general public having prevailed on Christian Ministers to embrace the concept of liberation in its entity. Be on the watchout. God bless you. Amen!

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