Rotary Club Festac Central offers free surgery for women


Rotary Club of Festac Central, under District 9110, has sponsored free Fibroid surgery and treatment for five women who are unable to afford it.

This, it said, was part of commitment to providing quality humanitarian services.

Rotary President presenting cheque to some nominated fibroid patients

The club’s President, Rotarian Benjamin Sawyerr, made this known on Thursday in Festac, Lagos, during the presentation of funds required for the surgeries of the nominated women.

Sawyerr said that the free surgeries was part of the club’s core project of the year that was meant to give those diagnosed with fibroid the chance to live normal lives.

“The fibroid empowerment initiative was picked up a few years ago; we found out that we needed to help some ladies with fibroid, that don’t have funds to undergo the operation.

“We know that it is not easy for women in that situation, so we came about the health empowerment. This brought about the five nominees that we picked for the surgery, “ he said.

Sawyerr also said that the club planned to do another five fibroid operations before the end of the year, as a way of extending love to the community.

“Not just the president alone, the individual club members were also able to contribute money for this health project and I want to use this opportunity to appreciate my club members for a job well done , “ he said.

Also, the Charter President of Rotary Club Festac Central District, Tonia Aguguesi said that free fibroid treatment and operation was part of the commitment to improve society and social development.

“We came about this initiative about four years ago in our regular meeting, we were looking for a project we would do that will really impact on the people.

“You know what Rotary does is we try to reach out to our community and environment on their needs and you can’t but give something pertaining to health.

“And the woman that has fibroid was what we discussed at the meeting and arrived at the decision that we should be able to at least assist with the  fibroid operation for at least 4-5 women.

“So, we identify five of such people, and we invite the hospital, Maternal and Child Hospital at First Avenue in Festac, and we hand over the cheque to them to carry out the surgery for the five women.

“So far,  it has been overwhelming, the success story that comes from it has been encouraging. For every surgery that was conducted, some women do come back to appreciate, “ she said. (NAN)

Aug. 13, 2020 | 11:37 GMT

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