Russia to facilitate N/Korea, U.S. dialogue


Russia will create conditions for dialogue between North Korea and the United States as well as for resolving the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, Russian Upper House Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said on Monday.

“We believe that this summit between the North Korean and U.S. leaders in Singapore was a successful and right one, it is necessary to continue to maintain contacts between the United States and North Korea. We will also create conditions for this dialogue to continue,’’ Matviyenko told reporters.

According to the senior lawmaker, many sides must participate in the Korean settlement.

“Of course, this does not mean only dialogue between North Korea and the United States this stipulates the participation of such players as China, Russia, other states, the European Union.

“This is a very difficult problem, and no one can solve it at once as hoped. We need multifaceted negotiations, participation of other states, which is happening in different formats,’’ Matviyenko noted. (Sputnik/NAN)

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