S/Korea to deny entry to travellers without quarantine monitoring mobile app – reports


SOUTH Korea will deny entry to any traveller from abroad unless they install a mobile app to monitor their compliance with the 14-day quarantine imposed on all arrivals, Korea Herald newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to the outlet, the measures were imposed on all entrants without exception after reports emerged of people violating self-isolation measures.

“Previously, 60.9 per cent of people arriving from abroad voluntarily chose to download the app, as advised in international airports.

“Of those, 11 people were found to have left their homes without approval,’’ the newspaper reported

The question of digital surveillance for compliance with quarantine has become a hotly debated topic on the back of the coronavirus pandemic, with some arguing that this may normalise direct invasion of privacy.

South Korea briefly became the country worst affected by the virus outside China, but speedy and aggressive mitigation measures saw the spread virtually stop in its tracks.


– March 27, 2020 @ 11:32 GMT

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