SAGEMCOM Submits Feasibility Study to Bring Electricity to More Than 100 Villages in Madagascar


THE study examined the feasibility of bringing electricity to 142 villages in Madagascar; an effort that is no stranger to Sagemcom, who has been a leader in turnkey/ EPC

(Engineering Procurement and Construction) projects for rural electrification since 2017.

Carried out for the benefit of the Agency for the Rural Electrification Development, ADER,

the study also analyzed the hydroline potential of 15 Malagasy villages.

The project was facilitated thanks to a generous contribution of Private Sector Study and

Assistance Funding, FASEP, by the French Directorate General for the Treasury.

Villages were selected following a study conducted in collaboration with the Agency for

the Rural Electrification Development, ADER, between September 2018 and May 2019.

Support from the HACSE design office, the socio-economic study of the Energies for the

World Foundation, Fondem, and Guinard Energies for hydrokinetic river studies has been

instrumental to the results of this study. Sagemcom's longstanding expertise in the

rural electrification value chain and its proven footprint in Madagascar for over 20 years have also been valuable assets in this project.


– July 16, 2019 @ 18:55 GMT |


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