Why Nigerian Police Commissioner apologises to Nigerian Bar Association


The Nigerian Police Force apologises to the Nigerian Bar Association branch in Kano, for the molestation of lawyers by policemen

WAKILI Muhammad, police commissioner in Kano State, Nigeria, has apologised to the Nigerian Bar Associatio, NBA, over the maltreatment of some lawyers while they were on their lawful duty.

Muhammed tendered the apology on Thursday, March 21, when he visited the State Headquarters of the the NBA at the Farm Centre in Kano. The apology followed a 48-hour ultimatum given by the NBA to the police to apologise.

According to Muhammad, lawyers are partners in progress with the police hence his apology to the union  to forge ahead.

“Lawyers are part of me and part of my job so I hope we will continue to work together and do what is expected of us in accordance with the law,” he said.

Muhammad said he was ready to apologise to the union any way they want wanted it, either in a written letter or through the print media.

However, Musa Abdullahi, State chairman of NBA expressed appreciation to the police commissioner for his visit, adding that the union would work with the Police in the state to ensure quick dispensation of justice.





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