South East South South Professionals of Nigeria condemns shooting of protesters


THE South East South South Professionals of Nigeria, SESSPN, has condemned in the strongest terms the killings and brutalization of unarmed peaceful protesters in Lagos and across the country, by the Nigerian military personnel and their Police collaborators, acting on behalf of a despised Nigerian Government that rather should commence immediate nationwide atonements.

“This heinous wickedness of blood spilling, as a discredited pattern of crowd control, is a dumped global misnomer and goes to show rather shamefully, that reason, empathy and commonsense continue to be scarce at the precincts of our governments and power corridors. We therefore urgently call for a quick rethink and immediate halt, to this bizarre mindset, that propels the lust of our security agencies to feed their people to the monster of life snuffing bullets.

“We assert forcefully and agree completely that the genuine demands of our Youths for an end to Police brutality, extortion and killings, resonates with all patriotic Nigerians, as a deep national revival for justice, fairness and good governance, and must never be truncated through a reckless bluster of insensitivity. It is not a shame for this government to have patience, nor is it a weakness for it to grow endurance, two virtues it has enjoyed from her citizens liberally, but arrogantly failed to internalize.

“As a professional body and critical stakeholder for a well-governed Nigeria, we hereby call on Nigerians to stay the course of civility and protect each other in the moral resolve to take back our country. The international community should also rise to the duty of humanity by putting pressure on President Buhari as the commander in chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces to be accountable to his oath of office and forestall further deliberate atrocities,” the group said in a statement.

– Oct. 22, 2020 @ 17:15 GMT |

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