Administrators must work to end poaching in Nigerian sports, Edo official says


EDO Deputy Director of Sports on Research and Programme, Adeola Oboro, on Monday in Abuja said it was necessary for sports administrators across the federation to go back to the basics.

She told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that sports administrators needed to work out programmes to address the issues of poaching in the country.

“Poaching is a serious issue in Nigeria which needs to be eliminated to encourage grass roots sports development,’’ Oboro said on the sidelines of the ongoing 19th National Sports Festival (NSF).

She said poaching in sports was an act now affecting most states of the federation negatively at the ongoing 19th NSF in Abuja.

“It is a situation where some God-given talents are groomed in their state of origin but are later bought over by richer states,’’ the sports official said.

She also identified high level political manouvering and inducement during sports festivals as another negative issue in sports development.

Oboro described it as a situation where some officials are induced to influence the award of undeserved medals to some powerful states to the detriment of others.



– Dec. 10, 2018 @ 15:55 GMT |


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