Saleh wants funding for karate arbitrators to improve skill


Zainab Saleh, a member of the board of Karate Federation of Nigeria (KFN) has called for funding to train Karate judges and referees in preparedness for international competitions.

Saleh spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos over lack of funds for Referees and Judges to attend continental and international courses.

He said that only regular refreshers courses would improve the skills of the Karate arbitrators and make them worthy of invitation for international competitions.

“The challenge faced by referees and judges is that there is no funding to support them to attend continental or international courses.

“Those who have attained qualifications on both the World and Continental levels are all self-sponsored,” she said.

The board member said that Nigeria had two World Karate Federation (WKF) female judges, including her and three African Karate Federation (UFAK) female referees, including her.

According to her, the two WKF Kata judges are; Zainab Saleh and Rita Oneki Uroghome Aina.

She said that the UFAK Kumite Referees are: Zainab Saleh, Rita Oneki Uroghome Aina and Diana Vivian Okoro.

Saleh urged the government and corporate organisations to raise the sport in Nigeria by sponsoring it and its officials where necessary.

NAN reports that Antonio Espinós , WKF President spoke in Botswana recently, on the need to continue training referees and judges.

Espinos said that continuous improvement of the structures and training programmes for arbitrators had ensured the attainment of high standards of officiating and progress of the sport in Africa. (NAN)

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