Aspect Software announces new Infinity Program for Aspect® Unified IP®


ASPECT Software has announced Aspect Unified IP Infinity, a multi-year program designed to help customers protect their investment, reduce infrastructure burden, and ensure ongoing security and compliance for Aspect Unified IP deployments.

“The big news here is that Aspect will be supporting our customers, who wish to continue using our Unified IP solution, on-perm, for years to come,” said Patrick Dennis, Aspect President and CEO.

“We are extending the product road map and ensuring ongoing service and support into the future, to align with the needs of our key customers who are not yet ready to move their contact center system into the cloud,” he said.

This program entitles customers to the upcoming Aspect Unified IP 7.4 release and planned roadmap updates. These updates will include customer requested enhancements, simplified upgrades, and major refreshes of third-party technology, which helps to ensure compliance with IT and security standards.

Customers will also benefit from the flexible media port migration credit options, which makes refreshing and consolidating on the latest media server hardware and software simple and cost effective.

The Infinity program includes upgrade assurance which provides a path for upgrades, with expert consultation, planning and implementation services and maintenance benefits for all users of older versions of Unified IP software who agree to upgrade to the supported version as part of the program.

All customers who choose to participate and extend their annual maintenance will receive additional support for upgrades, bridging, or discounted professional services for technology integrations or add-ons.

“We understand that not all our customers are alike, or have the same deployment requirements,” continued Dennis.

“We intend to support them as long as they depend on Aspect to provide excellent customer experiences,” he said.

The Aspect Unified IP Infinity program is available immediately to qualified customers. Version 7.4 of Aspect Unified IP will be released later this year, the company said.



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