NTT: Conclusion of a Cooperation Agreement with ITER


NTT Corporation, NTT, President & CEO: Jun Sawada, has concluded a cooperation agreement on the ITER Project with the ITER International Fusion Energy Organization, ITER Organization.

By supporting the ITER Project, which has the objective of building the world’s first experimental hydrogen fusion reactor, NTT will accelerate “Development of innovative environment and energy technologies”, and contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of customers, companies and society.

  1. Background

The ITER Project is an extraordinarily large international project that has the objective of

building the world’s first experimental hydrogen fusion reactor, ITER, to prove the scientific and technical feasibility of the fusion energy for peaceful purposes.

The ITER Organization, an international organization with seven members – Japan, the European Union, Russia, the United States, South Korea, China, and India – is engaged in the ITER Project.

NTT is aiming at “Zero Environmental Impact” by supporting customers, enterprises, and society in reducing their impact on the environment through our R&D aimed at creating innovations that break through conventional limitations and by pursuing business activities designed to decrease deleterious effects on the environment.

For example, NTT is preparing to establish the Space Environment and Energy Laboratories, which will undertake research with the goal of creating innovative energy and environmental technologies.

NTT assumes the use of photonic technologies developed for IOWN* concept, and will work to extend the current ICT technologies, which would benefit the ITER Project.

– May 17, 2020 @ 18:00 GMT /

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