The Republic of Korea hosts the 4th e-Navigation Underway Asia-Pacific Conference, Special Showcase of the Maritime Connectivity Platform

e-Navigation Conference

THE Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) is hosting a virtual e-Navigation Underway Conference, ENUW, from September 8th to 9th under the theme of ‘Collaborating to harmonize maritime digitalization’. The Conference will be held using a virtual platform and is being co-organized with the Danish Maritime Administration (DMA) and the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).

The series of ENUW Conferences, which were respectively held by the DMA for the European region from 2012, the US Coast Guard for the North American region from 2014, and the MOF for the Asia Pacific region from 2017, have been the catalyst facilitating the global development and implementation of e-Navigation.

This Conference will focus on initiating the ‘Digital@Sea Initiative’ as a global cooperation framework on maritime digitalization. Building on the IMO-led e-Navigation initiative, this Conference will explore the future, digital maritime services and communication networks, challenges with maritime digitalization, and international cooperation.

DMA Director-General, Mr. Andreas Nordseth, stressed that as well as increasing international cooperation on maritime digitalization in a comprehensive way, the Digital@Sea Initiative will lead to the practical implementation of many digitalization initiatives.

“International, Global harmonization of Standards is absolutely necessary for a successful implementation of the ambitious digital maritime agenda. The ENUW and Digital@Sea series of Conferences are a perfect step in that direction” IALA Secretary-General, Mr. Francis Zachariae says.

This year’s Conference and official showcase will use real-time video in an online platform that allows more than 500 people to join in the discussion, and it will be live-streamed on YouTube.

The Conference is free to attend. More information and the ability to register for the Conference is available on the Conference website (

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