Tibet makes further progress on transportation infrastructure-Official

Tibet transportation infrastructure

THE Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has made further progress in transportation infrastructure development in 2022, Regional Transportation Authority has said.

The Director, Regional Department of Transport, Liu Zhiqiang, said that the development has brought a total length of roads open to traffic to 121,400 km.

According to him, in 2022, the Plateau region invested almost 16.39 billion yuan which is about 2.35 billion dollars in fixed assets for road transportation.

“Since 2016, the region has spared no effort in investing in the development of rural road networks.

“As of now, 662 townships and 4,382 villages in Tibet have been connected by hardened roads, accounting for 95 per cent and 78.76 per cent of the total, respectively.

“Tibet will complete fixed-asset investment of 26.3 billion yuan in road construction and increase the length of roads open to traffic to 124,000 km this year,” Zhiqiang said. (Xinhua/NAN)