Tight race expected as Czech presidential election draws to a close

THE two-day presidential election in the Czech Republic comes to an end on Saturday.

Citizens of the EU and NATO member state can still cast their votes until 2 pm (1300 GMT).

Three favourites are fighting for entry into the probable run-off: ex-NATO general Petr Pavel, billionaire and populist ex-government leader Andrej Babiš and economics professor Danuše Nerudová. In polls, they were all almost tied around the 25 per cent mark


Five outsider candidates are also vying for the favour of the approximately 8.3 million eligible voters.

Important election issues were high inflation and the attitude towards the war in Ukraine.

The results are expected in the course of Saturday evening. Projections or forecasts will not be published.

The president has mainly representative tasks, but is considered an important opinion leader in the Czech Republic.

He or she also appoints the constitutional judges, can refer laws back to parliament once and is commander-in-chief of the armed forces. (dpa/NAN)