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Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

PROF. Isaac Albert, Dean of Multidisciplinary Studies, University of Ibadan, described the late former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, as a great Africanist.

In a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, Albert said that the African continent had a great deal to learn from Mugabe.

Mugabe died on Friday morning in a hospital in Singapore at age 95.

Alber said: “He was a great Africanist.

“We have several lessons to learn from him in articulating the African Union’s mantra of ‘African solutions to African problems’.

“He blocked undue foreign interference in the affairs of his country. This is commendable.”

Albert, an expert in peace and conflict studies, however, said that Mugabe made some costly mistakes which would affect the development of his country in years to come.

According to him, Mugabe took lands from white farmers and gave them to a black population with no capacity to make good use of the resource.

“This partly contributed to the collapse of the country’s economy.

“This is the age of globalisation; by shutting his country against the outside world, he denied Zimbabwe the best,” he told NAN.

The don added that Mugabe was intolerant of opposition which, he said, hurt Zimbabwe a great deal.

“I hope other Africanists would learn from these.”

NAN reports that Mugabe, who ruled Zimbabwe since independence, was ousted in a military coup in 2017 after 37 years in power.

Reports say Mugabe had been receiving treatment since April. (NAN)

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