United Capital woos investors with low risk mutual fund

Wed, Jul 10, 2024
By editor


UNITED Capital Asset Management Ltd., a United Capital Plc subsidiary, has launched a new mutual fund, United Capital Stable Income Fund, to the investing public.

Mrs Odiri Oginni, Managing Director, United Capital Asset Management Ltd., on Tuesday in Lagos, said the new fund underscored the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and reliable financial solutions for investors.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the United Capital Stable Income Fund is specialised, open-ended, Naira-denominated mutual fund.

It invests in a diversified portfolio of money market and fixed-income securities, including government bonds, corporate bonds, and other fixed-income securities.

Oginni said the fund; designed as a low-risk investment product, aims to provide investors with stable returns over a medium to long-term period while ensuring the preservation and protection of their capital.

“This fund was created in response to the growing market demand for low-risk investment options that offer stability and consistent returns, especially amidst current market volatility.

“It offers a well-diversified portfolio and is specially designed for investors who prioritise capital preservation and steady growth, ensuring that investors can achieve their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.

“We are confident that the fund will perform excellently in the market as it is professionally managed by top-tier portfolio managers who use innovative strategies, thorough market research, and analysis of pricing trends, to ensure the fund performs optimally,” she said.

The company’s managing director stated that in addition to capital preservation and consistent returns, the stable income fund offers investors annual dividends and an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio.

Oginni said the fund could be gotten with a minimum investable amount of N50 million and a minimum subscription of 500,000 units and multiples of 100,000 units thereafter.

She added that it targeted qualified institutional investors and high net worth individuals as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules.(NAN)


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