Using contraceptive does not mean promiscuity – Gynecologist

Dr Abosede Lewu, a Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, Team lead at Girlsaide Initiative and also Convener, Keep All Mothers Alive (KAMA) Project.

Using contraceptive does not mean one is promiscuous rather it is a  way to plan one’s life, finances and family, says Dr Abosede Lewu, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

Lewu, Team lead at Girlsaide Initiative and also Convener,  Keep All Mothers Alive (KAMA) Project,  spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a telephone interview on Friday.

She described contraceptives as methods, devices or drugs that could prevent conception.

According to her, there are different methods of using contraceptives including  the use of hormone medications, intrauterine contraceptive devices, barrier contraception, periods of abstaining from sex, and sterilisation

“Using contraceptives does not mean one is promiscuous! It gives you time to plan your life, family, finance and peace of mind while having the best sex experiences of your life.

“Contraception can reduce sexually transmitted diseases and it is central in preventing unintended pregnancies.

“This is critical in Nigeria where seven to nine million pregnancies occur in a year and over a million abortions done unsafely with some leading to death,’’ she said.

Lewu said that contraception should be a ‘must’ discussion for couples, adding that they should talk about what they want to achieve with it, the duration and take responsibility for it.

“The next step a couple should take  is to speak to a reproductive health expert on available options to safely decide.

“Please, do not use a method just because your friend or family uses it, go for counselling and make an informed decision.

“And let me also say clearly that there is one that is good for you. So, for each person, there is a right one and once we give you the right one, you are okay and taken care of, ” she said.

The gynaecologist lamented that Nigeria was among countries with low Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) at 12 per cent.

She called for intensified public enlightenment on the use and benefits of contraception to an individual, the family and the society. (NAN)

– Dec. 4, 2020 @ 12:59 GMT |

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