VIDEO: Kwankwaso’s supporters set brooms ablaze, fly PDP flag

APC members burn brooms in Kano
APC members burn brooms in Kano

IN celebration of his defection to the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, supporters of former Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, have taken to the streets of Kano to burn the emblem of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

The APC uses the broom as its party logo.

In a video posted on YouTube by Naomi Byass on Wednesday, the senator’s supporters could be seen shouting his name and also saying, “PDP, Power!”

They repeatedly mention Kwankwaso’s name, even as they mutter mouthfuls of insults about APC.

They also brandish the flags of PDP as they sing.

See the YouTube video, courtesy, Naomi Byass:

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