We have taken Fed. Poly, Ile-Oluji, to glorious height – Rector

Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji, in Ondo

THE immediate past Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji, in Ondo, Prof. Emmanuel Fasakin, has said that his administration elevated the institution to a tremendous height of development among its contemporaries.

Fasakin, the pioneer Rector of the polytechnic, stated this in his farewell message to the staff of the polytechnic on Friday at Ile-Oluji.

“Significantly, together, we have built a Polytechnic we can all be proud of – an institution we started from the scratch and have taken to this glorious height.

‘’It parades commodious buildings, cutting-edge facilities, growing student enrollment, improved scholarship of our faculty staff and a formidable presence in the academic community.

According to him, “we towered above other schools with which our school was created in 2014, though we started in 2015.”

He noted that in the course of the institution’s history, many obstacles were encountered but by common spirit of purpose and grit, they have all been surmounted.

‘’And in the process, we gained more insight and experience that have become useful to the sustenance of our polytechnic,” he stated.

Fasakin said that his two-term tenure of eight years in the school was a great and significant phase in his life and in the institution’s development.

He lauded the cooperation, support and sacrifice of the staff, saying that his experience in the institution would remain evergreen.

“I am particularly appreciative of your support of the dreams of the institution and your sacrifice to have them achieved during my tenure.

“If we disagreed on anything, it was because there was an overriding desire that our institution should achieve its goals, and generally speaking, we did hit the stars together.

‘’The Federal Polytechnic, Ile-Oluji, experience will remain evergreen with me. I wish you will keep the flag and the spate of development of the Polytechnic flying.

He said that he would be looking out for graduates from the institution and would continue to be their number one cheer-leader as he looks forward to hearing about the institution’s growth in leaps and bounds corporately.

He, however, thanked those he worked with at the leadership level of the institution. (NAN)