We need a structure in entertainment industry – Musician

Ayomikun Orenuga

AYOMIKUN Orenuga, an “Afrobeat’’ musician, also known as Orex, on Friday in Ibadan urged the Nigerian government to provide structures to further assist the entertainment industry.

Orenuga told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that “it is only with a structural plan that the entertainment industry in Nigeria can thrive.’’

A graduate of Urban and Regional Planning, Orex said that music has different definitions to people and also hit people differently and that governments should support particularly resident Nigerian musicians.

He said: “Different types of music attract people in different ways; to me the type of music you do doesn’t really define who you are and also scores differently.

“I’m good with any type of music as far as it’s good music. Basically, I do `Afrobeat’.

“What matters in the Nigerian music industry is: are you getting paid from what you are doing or are you comfortable doing it?

“You know sometimes songs with no educative message don’t look so serious to certain set of people, but makes a lot of money.

“That’s what Nigerians really want to listen to and people need different lyrical content, depending on the mood and situation.

“It is the same reason students study different courses in school; fingers can’t be equal.

“For me, I just want to be unique with my style and offer my fans something educative and enjoyable.’’

On support from the older generation in the music industry, Orex said that it had always been done with bias.

“Support from the older ones in the industry has a lot of bias. People who love you will definitely support in their own little way.

“To me, support or no support, self-confidence and knowing what you are doing with consistency is the key to breaking grounds or being successful,” he noted.

The “Afrobeat’’ musician also said that every profession has its challenges and that that should not be a limitation to being successful.

“My challenges as a musician are not extraordinary to me; it is what it is. Every profession has its own challenge. Mine isn’t different and it shouldn’t be a limiting factor to me on my journey,” he said.

NAN reports that Orex released his first single in 2012. Some of his singles are: “High’’, “Gberaga’’ and “Pull Over’’. (NAN)

– Oct. 2, 2020 @ 13:35 GMT |

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