Wema Bank builds training school to improve staff performance

Wema Bank
Wema Bank

TO provide quality training for staff members as well as space for innovators to collaborate, Wema Bank has built a new training school called Wema Purple Academy. The school will serve as a pathway for new staff to join the bank as well as a learning centre for staff members to increase individual and organizational productivity.

Wema Purple Academy will also assist the bank to identify and develop talents and prepare a structured career progression for the superior performers, thereby guaranteeing a sustainable performance culture in the future. The new academy will likewise house an innovation hub, which will bring together technologists, tech enthusiasts, and creators to collaborate and create innovative solutions targeted at critical business and human needs.

“This is to serve as one of the numerous channels through which Wema Bank fosters creativity, instills the bank’s work ethics, culture, and high-professionalism. By building the Academy to include an innovation hub and state-of-the-art learning software and systems, the bank continues to deliver on its promise for innovation and creativity through digitization and twenty-first-century technology.

“Training offered at the Wema Purple Academy is of relevant world-class curricula in skill areas that correspond with the requirements to achieve the Bank’s strategic pillars in a more structured manner. Through the Academy, the Bank ensures that staff focuses on the vision, mission, and goals that make the future of the bank an exciting one.

“It will help drive and entrench the much-desired performance and innovation culture within the bank – employees across different levels will be equipped with competencies required for now and future, geared towards achieving superior performance needed to deliver innovative solutions to customers.

“Our overall goal is to see our staff grow constantly both personally and career-wise, and in turn use the knowledge from these training to deliver top-notch ideas that can translate to innovative solutions across all areas of the bank. This will also enhance employee morale and satisfaction.

“We are committed to training bankers that will reflect the true value of the profession, help to strategically position Wema Bank amongst the market leaders, set the standards for excellent performance and significantly enhance the perception of our strategic partners and shareholders through the application of innovative strategies,” Ololade Ogungbenro, chief human resources officer, Wema Bank, said in a statement.

– Jul. 24, 2020 @ 17:29 GMT |

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