Western Naval Command decorates 50 promoted officers

THE Western Naval Command on Wednesday decorated 50 newly promoted officers through the approval of the Naval Headquarters, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

Rear Adm. Oladele Daji, the Flag Officer Commanding (FOC), Western Naval Command at the Shipping of Stripes ceremony in Lagos, urged the officers on more dedication to duty and loyalty to the service.

“We expect more dedication to duty, more loyalty to the service, we expect that now that you are a rank ahead, you are going to be mentoring other people coming behind you.

“We expect that now you know better, all those misdemeanor will no longer be condoned, nothing like forgiveness or a pat on the wrist any longer,” he said.

The FOC said that the promotion was a product of hardwork, discipline, urging those that did not make the promotion to look ahead and be better.

“What else can I say, other than congratulations to the newly promoted officers?

“Going through the brief citation on each of them, there is no doubt that they all deserved and merited the promotion that Nigerian Navy has given them.

“I want to congratulate you because this promotion is a product of hardwork, discipline, dedication and loyalty to the service. I know that it was not all that were presented for promotion that made it.

“And for those who missed out this time, I will urge you to search your conscience and look ahead to be better in what you do so that you will be decorated and promoted next time,” he said.

He urged the officer ratings and civilian staff of the command to keep putting in their best to support the operations of the command.

He assured them that their welfare would equally be taken up by the command.

The FOC thanked the Chief of Naval Staff for the special interest shown to the Western Naval Command.

“Going through the list, we can’t but thank him for giving a large chunk of the promotion to officers in the Western Naval Command.

“As a command, we will continue to be loyal, up and doing and implement the strategic directive of the CNS, in order to ensure that our maritime expanse is secured and safe for legitimate activities and businesses.

“We shall not disappoint Nigerians and that is why operation OKUN ALAFIA 2 is still ongoing,” he said.


Aug. 13, 2020 | 09:20

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