Who’s Bill Gates and why is he so fearless in his determination to force his vaccine on the world?

Odilim Enwegbara

By Odilim Enwegbara

Bill Gates was made super-rich by his maternal great, great uncles, the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers too became super-rich, in fact, the richest ever in any known human history by the Rothschild. John D. Rockefellers, the son of a business scammer who sold crude oil as cancer cure, became the first billionaire in the world. He ran his oil business with such an unheard-of monopoly that his Standard Oil’s monopoly was forcibly broken by US Congress he only subdivided itself into Exxon, Mobile, Chevron, and Texaco.

Besides oil, the Rockefellers are major owners of the Federal Reserve  Bank of New York. With the Federal Reserve  Bank of New York as the majority owner of the US dollar currency, unknown to most of us it’s still a private currency controlled by the Rockefellers.

Remember that when President John F. Kennedy wanted to turn the dollar currency into what it was during President Abraham Lincoln’s time as a fully government owned currency like Lincoln he was assassinated before he could circulate  dollar notes owned by US Government.

The Rockefellers were made superrich by the Rothschilds, who for more than a century ruled the world of finance using Rothschild banking dynasty became superrich themselves by scamming the whole of Europe starting from their Frankfurt base and spreading across the entire Europe operating as both the lender of last resort and lender of the first resort.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries their major source of banking wealth came from organizing and financing wars between and among European powers and in these cases to prolong these wars including the Napoleonic War. That’s why as the central bankers to most European monarchs and ruling families, they supplied them money to either start new wars or continue to prolong existing wars, who had to pay them at exorbitant interest rates not in their currencies but in gold.

Being the indirect owners of Europe central banks such as the Bank of England, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty once said in 1802, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws. I control England’s money supply and I control British Empire and care not who makes British laws.”

Little wonder when President Andrew Jackson in 1930s refused to re-charter their Second Bank of America, which the Rothschilds set up as America’s private central bank, an assassin was sent to him who only narrowly missed Jackson as his assassination target simply because the gun due to the cold weather misfired.

The Rothschilds funded the US Civil War by setting southern states against other states that made up the then United  States. But when Abraham Lincoln at the tail end of the war rather than accept to pay them in gold insisted paying them with his government’s own dollars, the greenback, which he just printed to finance the war, he was assassinated by a hired assassin.

They continued ruling the world’s finance with their base in London until the US Rockefeller and Morgan dynasties successfully executed their WWI strategy of setting European powers against each other. Successful, they jointly replaced the Rothschilds not only by dismantling  their immense financial powers in the US, but also taking over their banking dynasty in the whole of Europe.

But by successfully financing the presidential election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, the Rockefellers carefully removed the J.P. Morgans as their competitors who they had to accommodate as co-owners the world’s economy. They successfully achieved this when President Roosevelt based on the request of the Rockefellers, reduced Morgans from an all encompassing international financial dynasty to a mere players as an investment banking institution. And by denying Morgan the badly enjoyed access to other banking activities, the Morgans became subdued with the Rockefellers running the world’s economy without rivals.

To consolidate the world under their imperial control, the Rockefellers decided to unleash the most deadly war the world, this time the WWII. First, they successfully rearmed Germany by propping up Hitler as the protege.

Financing his government’s European military hegemonic ambitions, the Rockefellers rebuilt German military into frighteningly the largest and most sophisticated military industrial complex in Europe with no other main targets but Britain and France for the WWII. Decimating Euope to ground zero was their only way to fully control European economies.

Even though their wealth is completely hidden away from the world, the Rockefellers are estimated to worth over $5000 trillion. Their unheard-of covers US dollar notes, bank credits, raw gold (hidden in bunkers), oil reserves across the world and as a major owner Aramco (Arabian American Company), precious metals of all kinds, military hardware and software (being indirectly owners of most of the  world’s industrial complexes). Others are land assets, real estates, agribusinesses, big pharma, research institutes, ICT, entertainment industry, security services, strategic service industry of all kinds, banking and financial service industry, general manufacturing, etc.

Don’t forget that to run the world from their New York headquarters, they had to set up and bankroll the United Nations along with all its subsidiaries including FAO, WHO, etc. Since they, they still call all the shots in the appointment of UN Secretaries General without an exception.

Also to run the world from their New York headquarters, they have to run the US’s foreign policy and that too is done through their Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which rather than being headquartered in Washington is located in New York.

But to fully control governments around the world they had to spread their illuminati around the world where members are helped to run their countries’ governments on their behalf. Unlike the Freemasons headquartered in Washington, they had to fund and relocate illuminati from its original Frankfurt, Germany headquarter which was indirectly the brainchild  of the Rothschilds in the late 18th century and who spread across the world for their control of  the world of finance. This earlier was in fierce opposition to Freemasonry headquartered in Washington DC.

Since they set out in late 1970s to collapse the world into one government, one religion and one currency, they have been financing the  globalists, most of whom were recruited in the 1980s from MIT and Harvard with Prof Henry Kissinger, a longtime protegee of the Rockefellers heading the Rockefeller globalist movement.

One of the people they propped up as a major globalist champions is William Henry Gates Jr., who notwithstanding being a Harvard dropout they still went ahead to help him set up Microsoft and turned it into the largest money making machine ever with to much technological content. In return they imposed on him the leadership of championing their depopulation agenda, started in early 20th century.

Like his great, great uncles who funded him and made him extraordinarily rich, Bill Gates was assigned the duty of using his immense wealth to recruit and finance all Rockefellers’ depopulation agenda, including financing big pharma, scientists, research centers, academics, businessmen, and economists and doing so by turning them into unapologetic globalists

If you remember that the lead Rockefeller globalist Kissinger once said, “If you control oil, you control governments; but if you control food you control the people of the world,” you can now understand why the Rockefellers are leading GMO agribusiness across the world so that with that they will have no problem controlling what you and I eat and their ability to sterilise our ability to reproduce.

Now, if you can understand why Bill Gates is fiercely championing vaccines. He is unapologetically pushing for reproductive sterilising vaccines around the world as the surest way to control the world’s  population. The Rockefellers are fully behind Bill Gates is why he calls in shots on who runs WHO and major big pharma around the world along with FAO.

But understandably, there’s no way he can successfully achieve that without being interested in the production of deadly infectious viral diseases. This is why Mr. Gates Jr is determined and unapologetic in his pursuit of the latest depopulation agenda using viruses from HIV, MESR, Ebola and now to Novel Coronavirus.

So rather than Gates’s vaccines being for protection and treatment, they are designed purely for world’s depopulation and that is what is planned to achieve with Covid19. If should he fail with this, he will still come up with another virus in future; and possibly worse than Covid 19.

We have to get ready for he is determined and ready to inflict on the world more harm than we can imagine. So far it is either he succeeds or dies one day while still trying to depopulate the world.

– Apr. 30, 2020 @ 18:25 GMT |

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