Why Umahi extols Author of The Last Genocide


Major General Obi Umahi extols the virtues of writing a book and regrets that the culture of reading is dying in Nigeria


By Emeka Ejere

Writing a book is an act of boldness as it is a way of exposing one’s intellectual strength to the world, Obi A. Umahi, president general of Ndigbo Lagos Foundation, has stated.

Umahi stated this in Lagos, on Wednesday, February 13, during the launch of two books, “Fear Not: Subdue and Take Dominion” and “The Last Genocide”, written by Ihesinach Ewa, a pastor of PowerLine Bible Church.

The retired major general, who was the special guest of honour at the event, commended the author for adding more to existing body of knowledge.

He regretted that the culture of reading is fast dying among Nigerians and urged the guests to not only get copies of the books but ensure that they read them to get the message being passed across by the author.

“If you want to hide something from a Nigerian, put it in a book”, he joked.

Reviewing the first book, “Fear Not”, Olubunmi Oludipe, told the audience that the book is made up of six chapters and ended with an epilogue.

According to her, the author tried to explain the inseparability of life and fear, but cautioned that it takes the ability to subdue the fear for people to record different levels of success in whatever they do.

The second book, The Last Genocide”, a personal account of massacre in Afikpo, in Abia Sate, during the war, was reviewed by the author himself.

Ewa told his audience that the fact that none of the books writing about the Nigerian civil war talks about the terrible loss of human and material resources Afikpo, his home town, suffered, prompted him to write the book.

“I’ve read a lot of books about the war; but I’ve seen that none of the books talks about how the war affected my place, Afikpo.

He regretted that the men and women imbalance caused by the mass killing of men in Afikpo, is still felt till date.


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