Why you should improve your eye vision


By Benprince Ezeh

THE most important out of the five primary senses in a human being is the sense of sight or vision. The Eyes perfectly perform this function. However, we do take this gift of sight for granted and do not take proper care of its health. This leads to complications and damage to the nerves in the eyes. Lenses and glasses are needed in such cases to rectify the eyesight.

However, with proper care, people can ensure that their eyes perform well throughout life.

According to Doctor Kingsley Eneh, an ophthalmologist in Ukraine, the eye is the most important sense in humans and needs to be given maximum attention to avoid its damage. “Vitamins derived from foods are essential to keep your eyes operating perfectly. Lutein is one such mineral that is present in some green, leafy vegetables, which helps the eye to stay fit and delays the onset of cataracts and other visionary conditions.

“Certain oily fishes are excellent source of the compound Omega-3. It’s quite beneficial to the eyes and helps in keeping them moist and preventing dry eyes and your diet needs to incorporate limited amounts of Zinc as well. This is vital in maintaining and improving your vision. Milk products such as cheese, paneer, and yogurt are good sources of deriving zinc. It can also be found in ample amounts in eggs,” Eneh said.

According to him, many people should abstain from fatty food, which causes obesity. “It may come as a shock to you, but overweight people are more prone to eye damage than those who maintain normal body weight. You may not feel any damage, but the underlying problems are surely cropping up for your eyes if you are obese.

“Cardiovascular diseases are common in obese people and the blood vessels in the eye can be damaged as a result of this. Cataracts, Thyroid Eye Disease and many more similar conditions can be caused in the eye if you do not maintain your ideal body weight,” he said.

Joy Nwosu, an optical doctor at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, UNTH Explained that some eye conditions are carried forward through the genes of the offspring. “This means that your eyes may be predisposed to certain damages due to a hereditary trait present in your genes. If such is the case, try to take precautions to avoid the disorder that you are predisposed to.

“Conditions such as Glaucoma and diabetes can also be passed on from parents to children, and these can also affect the eye health of a person. But that aside, regular exercises are essential in maintaining a healthy body, which is also beneficial for the health of the eyes.

“Physical activities promote better blood flow and regulates the heart. This in turn reduces the risk of developing cardio-vascular disorders and even diabetes,” she said.

According to her, the sun’s light contains Ultraviolet Rays, UV which are quite harmful to the health of the eyes. This is why it is imperative that you protect your eyes while going out on a sunny day. “Sunglasses are effective in preventing UV ray damage. If sunglasses are not used under such conditions, the eyes may be harmed severely.

“The UV rays are also known to increase the risk of cataracts, people living in areas of ample snowfall should always protect their eyes using sunglasses. This is because in such places, the sun’s rays are reflected off the snow and cause quite a bit of damage to the vision,” Nwosu said.

In conclusion, research has also proven that regular exercises severely reduce the risk of Glaucoma onset.  So, if you want to keep your eyes healthy, do not skip cardio exercises. Activities such as jogging and cycling will help maintain the health of your eyes.

– Nov. 18, 2020 @ 15:17 GMT |

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