Women leader urges parents to be accessible to their children


THE women leader of the Redeemed People’s Mission, Rayfield branch, Jos, Mrs Vivian Okoye, has advised parents to be accessible to their children to enable the children to have a good relationship with them.

Okoye gave the counsel in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Jos on Sunday.

She said it was very important for parents to be accessible to their children as this would enable the children to talk with them and seek their counsel, rather than getting advice from their peers who might lead them astray.

The Leader said parents should always create time to listen to their children as this would enable the children to open up and express themselves to their parents.

“It is very key that parents make out time from their busy schedules to talk and bound with their children, this act would enable them to express themselves freely with their parents and it would enable the parents to correct them when they are about to take certain decisions that might lead them astray.

“The act of bounding and communicating effectively with our children helps us to instill values in them,” she said.

She also emphasised the need for parents to give their children and wards sex education as it would help to stem the tide of rape and gender-based violence in the society.

Okoye explained that if the parents failed to educate their children about sex, their children might be educated wrongly by their peers and others.

“We must educate our children as a family, so that when they go to the society they can know what act is wrong or right and they would also know how to control themselves outside, “she said.



Aug. 16, 2020 | 16:55

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